My soldering skills might be garbage but they were good enough to replace the battery in my Pokémon Crystal cart

A new avatar at long last, my brand is going to new places.

ok witches, i need some inspiration. what sort of rites, moods, and energy are associated with 🌓 quarter moons 🌗?

Commissions are open again, list doesn't cover everything. Also do more unique stuff, retro, spriting content and other themes so feel free to ask me. I also take donations, always helps me greatly. If you like spriting, pixel art, RP, writing or just want to hang out then come join my personal discord. I am here for this, I loved the first game along with it's representation and themes. It's always refreshing for cyberpunk games that are not TRANSHUMEN BAD GO BAK 2 NATURE ROBUTTS EAT UR SOUL OR SOMETHING111

Discord, spriting 

For the sonic fangame stream tonight, please send me requests.

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