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Y'all ever look at the coat of arms of Philip II when he was married to Mary I and wanted to make sure people know he claimed Milan too? That is some 100% extra-ass shit. 16th century was wild, y'all.

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Vin Diesel's voice has the same energy as Bea Arthur's voice.

Some more notes from ~ I would also like to let everyone know that Robin Goodfellow is planning to prank Vecna, God of Secrets, but as this plan is the furthest thing from a secret imaginable, they can't see any reason why Vecna should want to know about it.

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I'm getting a tattoo this evening and I'm super excite about it.

How does one politely tell another person that while they're cool and interesting to talk to, being alone with them in person makes you feel unquantifiably unsafe?

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Where my readers who grew up with these here?

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The Wordpress people are better than Yahoo, but that's kind of like saying someone is better at rollerskating than Wile E. Coyote.

Notes from a gaming session, colorized
(reads from left page to right)

Times I should've realized I was queer: When my favorite manga ever is about a werewolf turns into a woman during the full moon and the vampire playboy who loves him no matter what his form.

Found this handsome boi on vacation. Seems like his home is right by my patio.

TIL "The Mermaid" is on the Great Big Sea Album The Hard and the Easy (allegedly a collection of Newfoundland traditionals) because the band didn't know it was written by Shel Silverstein until after the album was published.

Started listening to White Cat by Holly Black. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy her prose. I'm outlining the chapters as an exercise in narrative structure. Maybe I'll post them here, tagged as spoilers?

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