How you know when a content creator is trying to appeal to your ego in order to garner engagement

Ooof. Heilung needs to come get their roadie. 🙄
"One Facebook post contained the Nine Noble Virtues, an ethical code created by John Yeowell and John Gibbs-Bailey of the Odinic Rite in 1974. Yeowell had ties to white supremacist and fascist movements, including, at one point, membership in the British Union of Fascists and National Socialists."

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Materialist Koan 

Snyders made pretzels out of potatoes and tapioca for my gluten intolerant ass and that shit is genius.

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Listen............... listen... ok? Somebody's bound to start a cult of Harambe at some point... and all I'm saying is, it might as well be me.

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@Nightmancore [heads up: mention of abusive behavioral patterns]


I don't think he's playing 5D chess, but I do think he's a) a lot more canny than liberals realize, in part because b) he's got an abuser's/tyrant's/egotist's instinctive understanding of narrative and sympathies. He's just been given the world's biggest stage and the entire resources of the U.S. government to play it out on.

Something I will probably never reach the end of, because I keep saving the link for later. lol

Soulmates are your teachers and they can be anything, even enemies. You'll have tons of them in your lifetime.
A lot of people say 'soulmate' when they mean 'twin flame' but not everyone gets one of those. If you meet before you're vibrationally ready, you'll become enemies. Y'all love to dream about twin flame love but don't want to grow and evolve out of your comfort zone in order to facilitate it. Good luck with that.

@thufie This is just some hodor headass nonsense, isn't it? We have tons of solutions; from bioplastics to bacteria that eats petroleum based plastics, our industry simply won't implement any of these measures because they'd cost slightly more. And it does seem to be Western-centric, unfortunately. We can't make these assholes do the right thing; the only way we're going to make it stop is by banding together and sabotaging the efforts of this industry wherever and whenever possible. Indigenous peoples have been on the forefront of this struggle for decades, we need to follow their lead.

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How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled

TL;DR everything has a recycling triangle on it to make consumers feel better about buying plastics despite the fact that nobody has found a way to actually recycle the huge amount of plastic being disposed of through recycling bins and there was never any intent by Big Oil to actually invest in what would be their direct competition (recycled plastic rather than new plastic from petroleum products).

#Waste #Environment #Recycling #ClimateCrisis

@velartrill That Pentagon cheque cleared, I guess? It's hard to tell the agents from the true believers. But yeah, this is indeed batshit.

That last boost *was* based af tho lmao
I love how everyone thinks drumpf is stupid. Turn off NPR for a half sec and listen to me. This mother fucker is an actor playing a part. When he isn't typing headass nonsense on twitter to manipulate the media and the stock market, he's using real shit to boost his likeability to the actual anti-interventionalists in his base. Y'all think a vote for Biden is gonna "defeat" him, you can't defeat an enemy you don't understand, and so you let yourself get played by the state.

Nightman-core channeled No cats here either, I don't even have a houseplant

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