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That last boost *was* based af tho lmao
I love how everyone thinks drumpf is stupid. Turn off NPR for a half sec and listen to me. This mother fucker is an actor playing a part. When he isn't typing headass nonsense on twitter to manipulate the media and the stock market, he's using real shit to boost his likeability to the actual anti-interventionalists in his base. Y'all think a vote for Biden is gonna "defeat" him, you can't defeat an enemy you don't understand, and so you let yourself get played by the state.

@Nightmancore [heads up: mention of abusive behavioral patterns]


I don't think he's playing 5D chess, but I do think he's a) a lot more canny than liberals realize, in part because b) he's got an abuser's/tyrant's/egotist's instinctive understanding of narrative and sympathies. He's just been given the world's biggest stage and the entire resources of the U.S. government to play it out on.
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