A proper burial is a ceremony that many of us take for granted, but that was not the case for African Americans for a large portion of history in the U.S.

In the premiere of Ritual, Tank Ball explores the often overlooked history of Black burial in Louisiana. From a man honoring his duty as caretaker for his ancestors’ cemetery to a woman fighting to protect the sacred burial sites of her enslaved ancestors, we learn how one of the oldest rituals in history - taking care of the dead - became an act of resilience in the American South.

Music video by Kerala Dust performing Moonbeam, Midnight, Howl, from the new album 'Violet Drive'


Mother Earth, the ever-constant yet ever-changing Goddess. Bring us your love, knowledge, and understanding as we celebrate the Spring Equinox. Bring us the delights of Spring, the power of fertility and the joy of beauty.

Tomorrow night is the monthly online event for the Southern California Meetup!

Thurs March 16, 2023 at 7pm (PDT)

Event Info:
This month's Zoom meetup is going to be full of special announcements. Join us to find out all the things. meetup.com/ocpagan/events/2922

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Today I found posts from friends sharing stories about . I'd heard her name for many years. I believe we met at Pantheacon. She is beloved by many. I have no doubt her inspiration and influence will carry on long after she has left this life.

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(And if a publisher wanted to bring her award-winning books Unquenchable Fire and Temporary Agency back into print, that would be a fine thing.)

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My friend the brilliant author Rachel Pollack is coming to the end of her life. She won the Nebula, World Fantasy and Arthur C Clarke awards. She is a world renowned expert on Tarot, and her books on Tarot are still regarded as the good standard. She created the first trans superhero, in Doom Patrol in '93. I will miss her very much when she goes. I am writing this at the request of her wife Zoe, to let her friends know that the end is soon, and to let the obituarists know too.

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Going live in five minutes - with Laura Davila, best selling author of "Mexican Sorcery: A Practical Guide to Brujeria de Rancho" - youtube.com/watch?v=fUeA_1hZfr

#brujeria #brujeriaderancho #witchcraft #folkmagic

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Mastodon and the Fediverse are at their best when you are following lots of people, not only because you see their posts, but because you also see the posts they share. Seeing lots of shares makes it much easier to discover stuff.

➡️ For tips on finding people to follow click here: fedi.tips/how-to-use-mastodon-

Following people is how discovery works on here. There's no computer algorithm pushing stuff to you, instead there are millions of human beings manually sharing stuff they find interesting.

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🏳️‍🌈 :transgender_flag: ♀️
You can't tell someone
you love them and then
vote for someone who
will hurt them.
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The next monthly dinner event for the Orange County , , & Meetup group is this Wednesday, March 8th at 7pm.

Come join us!

Egypt unveils hidden tunnel inside Great Pyramid of Giza

The finding was made by researchers from the Scan Pyramid project, an international mission that since 2015 has been using modern methods -- including radiographic muons, infrared thermography and 3D reconstruction techniques to probe the internal structure of the pyramid.


The here in has been so strange this year. We got hit with a lot of and wind over the last two days. But friends in the mountains and had much more severe weather related issues.


Personally, I don't feel Kohrs media tour was a wise choice as a jury foreperson, especially this grand jury. But that's me. She did it anyway and this is just a tiny amount of what she will have to deal with when it comes to being in the spotlight, especially as it relates to anything with the former president and any alleged crimes associated with him. She's already had to scrub her social media presence. I would not be surprised if she's dealing with some awful and unkind things via emails or phone calls. I just hope that she is surrounded by good folks who will help keep her safe.


is one of the festivals of obvious origin that was so extensively celebrated and cherished by communities that the Catholic church quickly co-opted the tradition during the Christianization of Europe.


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