Evan hates the Tron franchise. He can't stand Tron or Tron: Legacy. He's sent Jeff Bridges hundreds of death threats. One time he happened to see a video arcade and it sent him into such a rage that he ripped a Ms. Pacman machine apart with his bare hands.

Eve has only listened to music once, when someone bought her Björk's 1993 album "Debut". She hated it so much that she resolved to never listen to music ever again. Whenever she posts about music she's just making things up on the fly, but nobody's caught on yet.

SocialSkeleton isn't actually a skeleton, he's the exact opposite. He has no bones at all. He's a giant pile of skin and he's doomed to spend all eternity either surfing the web or screaming in anguish.

Garfiald doesn't actually know anything about the comic strip Garfield. Nobody knows why he picked that username. He didn't know what lasagna was until 3 months ago.

All Ben Lubar's gw2 posts are actually done as a bit; he doesn't even like that game

Hanny's Top Shagger award doesn't come from an accredited institution. She just welded together the figures from a bowling trophy and a diving trophy in a very lewd manner.

Rigatonimonster unironically fortnite dances at parties

Submission from an anonymous user: "Bryce Youngquist"

At least once a month KT picks a random number in the Yellow Pages and calls in a bomb threat. She says she does it "as an act of self care" and "will never be caught"

Healyn knows exactly what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 but he'll never tell

Submission from an anonymous user: "laurie has never shit out her ass once. she's all talk. don't believe her"

Everybody thinks Nuttgodd is sooo perfect but she isn't. She's a homewrecker. That slime was married.

Submission from an anonymous user: "yeah uh the rockstar users protested my white man rap concert and then pantsed me and said my dick was whack. my ex wife was there too"

Conner goes to the doctor on a biweekly basis just to get her ass drained. I cannot go into exactly what that entails as I am not a medical professional.

Larry Davis really is a giant orb with a face and he's set to collide with earth in less than 10 years

Eugen once burnt down a orphanage just to spite one of the orphans, who was hungry and had asked for a piece of his bratwurst

Sorry for the confusion. xyz seems to not be federating but we're here now and we're gonna spill the tea


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