There's some pretty fun Down the Rabbit Hole episodes if you can keep your attention away from Fredrik's glaring defects in his personality, or the monotony, or the shitty pacing

My least favorite thing about the phrase "women and femmes" is I saw a butch lesbian be called a femme yesterday as if there's nothing wrong with that

When frothing at the mouth bitching about boomers could you lay off of people who can't see or hear too good? That's not really a good way to express your woke and righteous contempt for the Olds, and I'm worried one of you is gonna bite my finger off for having to use my phone to see something really small

Someone tell these cops that Starbucks isn't a frat house or a klan rally so they'll fucking leave

Homeless shelter staff don't get payed enough so it makes sense that they constantly steal from homeless youth

I now have the exact same fake leather jacket as the one my homeless shelter staff stole from me around a year ago!

Ben Shapiro looks like a young twink version of Ted Cruz

God I'm so happy I can function outside of the house better than all of the smarmy ignorant fucks out here who can't help but look at me like I'm some kind of freak for being visibly queer or mentally ill or whatever the fuck it is they have an issue with me about

Some furry was saying some fashy shit and I talked shit to him and he said "Oof, there it is. All this discussion and we finally get the furry hater"

Why do y'all do this

Fidget Sinner channeled
Fidget Sinner channeled

Or an alternate universe where every Disney princess has rabies and Walt Disney has a much more nice audience

Does left unity mean that anarchists and MLs can stomp on Maoists and Assadists together

Saw some ML dude on Twitter talking about how China needs to impose a curfew, revoke journalists visas, arrest Demosisto leaders and ban the party, etc

Red fash is absolutely bizarre considering how many people who support it will be the first batch for the firing line

Tom Morello was right about arming the homeless

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