I have to do a fresh install of FFXIV to get back into it and it says it'll take over 7 hours.

Started a Minecraft world with my fiancee and we somehow ended up on an island far from any other land masses, and so we've been playing island survival. It's been a lot of fun and it was important for me to tell you this.

Lina Claire :sparkles_trans: channeled

@Lyone In the interim I’ve mostly been programming, sigil-making and raging about the state of the world. So same old.

I've been in and out of here daily but my cauldron hasn't been updating since the 20th and my Sabbath and Crystal Ball timelines are the same. Odd.

Starting a new town in Animal Crossing: City Folk with my Fiancee on her birthday

In his writings, Marx failed to account for how gay I am

The less extremely online I become, the less anxious I become. Imagine that.

Looking at unfinished game guides written in notepad put on the Internet with a section labeled “Coming Soon” and their last update being in 2008

Sometimes I think about posting but then I Mastodon’t

Lina Claire :sparkles_trans: channeled
The time for action is past! Now is the time for senseless bickering.
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