Nice, my migrating is not working so I'll have to do this manually, export time

Doesn't seem like things are going really good so, time to look for another instance(?), drama just keeps following us so, fun

if anyone could send an invite link i’d really appreciate it, otherwise i might just go instance shopping in the meantime. i don’t wanna deal with all this shit

very inconvenient of this all to go down before reopens

Doing this out of boredom, lol

❀️ consider us friends
🧑 want to talk more
πŸ’š love me with all your heart
πŸ’™ wish we were closer
πŸ’œ one of your favorite mutuals
πŸ’— will never unfollow me
πŸ’˜ want to be friends
πŸ’Ÿ scared of me
πŸ’– squish
πŸ’ I give inspiration

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