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Bruh WhatsApp is the app everybody on Brazil uses to chat there is not one single brazilian that don't use this shit because if you don't use it you can't communicate with people.

This shit already was blocked in this country several times before and the people still are dependent on it.

There is people that work depend on WhatsApp, especially small businesses.

For more that I happy with the fall of Facebook a lot of people here are fucked because of it.

@LoveyApprentice (not trying to be the devil's lawyer)
whatsapp got blocked in the past bcz of it's privacy laws.

it doesn't make less bad, it brings another problem, the people that write laws, don't understand technology all that well

so how r they supposed to regulate or write laws about of things they don't understand.

this is one of the reasons that tech companies get away with so much bullshit, bcz people don't understand if certain things r bad or not

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