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:pitfall: :pitfall:

Hi... I'm a little anxious, I don't know what to say...

I joined the Mastodon to get away from all the twitter mess, all the fights and free hate makes me feel more anxious than normal.

I love technology and want to learn more about programming and free software.

I try to make pixel art in free time but I'm not that good ...

I also like games and anime, but I have not seen so many lately.

I think that's all I have to say ...

Sorry for any mistake in English I'm using the translator to write. :blobcatmeltcry:

@LoveyApprentice :patty_fly: welcome! :witchywink2:

this is totally a space where you can just do what you enjoy. sometimes there are fights or conflict, but we have the tools to take care of problems, so it does not get nasty like twitter. i think you will have a good time!

@LoveyApprentice @anna OOOOOOOOIIII!

Se precisar de qualquer ajuda para falar com alguém, pode pedir ajuda pra mim pois eu estou aqui pra isso.

@LoveyApprentice @anna E eu também faço pixel art de vez em quando, tem até um emote que eu fiz aqui: :b_smile:

@LoveyApprentice Hi, and welcome from another newbie! I am a game developer and programmer, so feel free to say hi if you wanna talk about witchcraft, games, or tech! 💻 :witch_hat:

@LoveyApprentice Not to selfpromote, but I'm trying to get a node / forum going that breaks the whole tech stereotype. Obviously you already have a node to call home - and a damn good one at that, @anna seems like an incredibly dedicated admin - but like I said, we have a forum too: @forumluser . It's not very active yet, but hey, maybe you could help me change that! :P

Here's a bit from the 'manafesto' (the only bit that really means much, honestly):
Linux Luser Group is meant to be a safe place. Everyone who interacts here should feel safe to be themselves. A Luser strives to rise above the ignorance and prejudices that have become all too prevalent in the tech sector, and our culture! All Lusers are peers, and while we may disagree with each other, we will never disrespect one another!

Note: Despite our name, by no means do you need to be a GNU/Linux user to be a part of this group! In fact, being a Luser is not so much about GNU/Linux as it is about the ideologies above, and non-elitist and non-judgmental attitudes towards our fellow humans. Just being part of the distributed 'fediverse', the alternative to the mainstream social networks, means that you almost certainly hold some of these, or similar, ideals, values & beliefs - by that logic everyone reading this has as much a right to be here as any of us!

Come on in to the forum and introduce yourself! :)

I should probably just delete the rest and use that part alone... ha, but anyways, I would love to see you there (or anyone else that might read this)! And if it's not for you that's cool too. That's what this is all about afteralll.

@self @forumluser @LoveyApprentice trying to snipe people's new users for your thing is kind of messed up please don't do this

@anna @LoveyApprentice I don't want anyone leaving witches.live, and I don't think my node really presents much of an alternative to the niche @anna provides!

My only intenet was to promote the forum, that's why I had nice things to say about Anna and said you already had a great node to call home... that said, maybe it isn't clear to Mastodon users that on Friendica a forum is juse a regular account, except that it behaves like a forum.

So no one needs to jump ship to use that, it's no different than adding/following anyone on any node. I re-read my post and do realize that, for folks not familiar with what I meant, that maybe Anna was justified in thinking I was trying to 'snipe new users'. This really wasn't my intention and I'm sorry. I just saw that @LoveyApprentice mentioned an interest in software and the sorts of things that the forum deals with.

I hope you believe me Anna, I'm sorry the comment came across that way. All I wanted to do was suggest essentially suggest an account to follow, that happens to be a forum. I have no interest in growing my node that way (or at all really), and I'm sincerely sorry if I miscommunicated that.
@anna @LoveyApprentice I typed that very hastily and don't know if my edits show on Mastodon... if not, I'm sorry about the typos!
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