Can anyone spare some dollarydoos? Pls help me out! I am looking for money for groceries, meds, and some utility bills. I had a very bad day yesterday, but today is my birthday and I want to start it on a good note. Pls help me out!$ravenouswitch

my PayPal is not available at this time.

Long rant 

@spookywitch Agreed. I think homelessness should actually be consider a crime against humanity! Seriously,I do.

@cybertiger78 Me too! It is a crime against humanity. To not provide for your fellow humans when you could with ease is such a travesty. Our descendants will not look kindly upon our miserly, capitalist society.

@Agnostic_Indian @Theusualones @ansugeisler @anna @visvajit @Gargron @Dasbolshevik you are defending nazis , who are systematically oppressing minorities. fFS nearly 1 million people in Kashmir have been cut off from India and the world for almost 100 days and you want them to protest peacefully when we sent the army to control dissent? Kashmir is the worlds largest militarised zone and we not only cut off all communications but also sent additional 40k troops

Block suggestion 

Weird fact about me: when it rains I like to go out to the park and cry.

I wish it were raining.

Disco Elysium: where you get to role play as a piece of shit cop, because cops are pieces of shit.

I wish they chose another protagonist for the game, I’d probably play it if they did.

Lol Uber & the Bible 

Lol Uber & the Bible 

hi everyone, if you are new to mastodon, please go to your settings, then the "other" category, then turn off search engine indexing. it's a safety feature that makes it a little bit harder for strangers to find your posts.

FYI: the verified check mark :verified: doesn’t actually mean much here on mastodon. Anyone can add that to their handle and does not guarantee that the profile belongs to who it claims to.

Alright I’m doing it! Gonna play an MMO for the first time since WOTLK

📣 Trust your admins -- IMPORTANT 📣

Remember admins and [most] moderators CAN SEE your private messages *and* followers only posts/toots.

So can any hosting provider used for hosting an instance.

TRUST is important. If we can't trust Twitter we need to ensure an instance's admin/mod team can be trusted too.

We are part of a federated, interwoven network. Trust is not what it seems at a glance.

Hope to see more Mastodon servers pop up to share the load!

If you want your server to be advertised on, check out for conditions and instructions (but please mind I won’t be able to process submissions until at least tomorrow when I get home)

Do you use a password manager?

Please boost for more reach. #India #security

People literally comparing you to racists for saying ok boomer lmfao

Adding to the #FF thing (most of my would be suggestions have already been suggested many many times at this point) but add @es2600fm to the list!


Well, 69 is not a bad number after all. ;)

Here goes :

I am a visual artist who goes by the name Aurpera. I freelance as a photographer, graphic designer and an illustrator. Additionally, into jewelry design, tarot reading, digital collages, typography and self-portraits.

I run a shop on Instagram by the name "artease_t".

I am also making a website for art-licensing and prints called

The I3 window manager looks nice, but how is it in terms of usability? In the past I used awesome wm and liked it decently enough. I def prefer window managers to full desktop environments, since I mostly spend my time in the shell anyways.

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