Rune-enchanted cant

Regard anyone who instigates infighting among queers as a psyop

Rune-enchanted cant

Yeah I'm otherkin. In fact, I'm fuc kin.

Fuc kin your mom.

hey i just met you
and this is crazy
but here's my number
ill fucking end you if you call it

I love when things leave you with less information than you had before you read them.

Like in Space Station 13: You pick up a pill from the floor and read the label.

"floor pill"

Surprised that some people dont fall in love with all the cute people in their area because they're monogamous

Well work was bad but its over and now I can go home

what if we kissed at the inaugural address

and we were both cartoons

dip my hands in kool aid mix before i beat your ass call that fruit punch

Repost my posts for no reason. I dont give a fuck

Clout on this website is MEANINGLESS. remind yourself constantly

tbh if u want to share my post but feel it should have a cw, just copy paste it and repost it. you have my express permission to do so, unless it's a personal post.

I'm an anarcho communist so I'm more focused on spreading good stuff than getting credit

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