Rune-enchanted cant

I have founded the red church and appointed myself as priestex. the red church values transgender people, communism, and witchcraft. that's it. new religion hop on

Rune-enchanted cant

Regard anyone who instigates infighting among queers as a psyop

Ok I'm done not using certain language just because I abandoned my family and fled the country

Here is my boyfriend. Where is my only friend

Gonna go to the patriarchy with my matcha green tea

prom is overrated and sexually active people are trying to fix my ass

Chuds be like "lgbtq? more like only two genders" and then do mass shootings when I misgender their riding lawnmower

Front Bottoms voice:
And when I am stinky
Do you still love me
Or do you think
I am gross

Sex ed in 2035: ok kids now you're all going to sign this contract pledging to never be horny online

I dont stick around with people who make me feel like I'm hard to love. I dont stay when I'm not wanted or appreciated

I have feelings now bc my mental health has improved

Your ghost husband could be anyone at all ever. Why would anyone choose to be obsessed w an ugly as sin colonizer

ANSWER: racism

meta, too soon 

I only care about two things.


and the girl reading this.

I am mostly indifferent to the fate of online communities fall through A LOT. website admins typically aren't that good at their job and users like to eat each other alive.
good thing it doesn't matter. there are a million meaningless microblogging websites out there and tons of other shit to do outside of that.

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