Rune-enchanted cant

Regard anyone who instigates infighting among queers as a psyop

Rune-enchanted cant

Yeah I'm otherkin. In fact, I'm fuc kin.

Fuc kin your mom.

Rune-enchanted cant

Symptoms of sleepy bitch disease:
-Daytime sleepiness
-Excessive naps
-Spending money on blankets, pillows, pajamas
-Fantasizing about going home and going back to bed

If you or a loved one has two or more of these symptoms, you may have SBD. Please see a medical professional, as SBD can be terminal.

Me talking to a guy I want to fuck: what's ur snapchat
Me talking to a lady I want to fuck: what's ur discord
Me talking to an enby I want to fuck: I think I'm in love with u

Autism stereotype I fit: I really like train whistles. I used to live near the railroad and I could hear the few trains that passed through town.

My dad is gatekeeping trains rn
Me: subways r trains
Him: ehhhh.... they're just light rail.....
(Also according to wikipedia they're NOT light rail at all. Fuck u train nerd)

hello my friend took this picture of his cat and now i am sharing it with you

whopps i slipped on a banana and became "too online"

more ๐Ÿ‘ female ๐Ÿ‘ boss ๐Ÿ‘ babies ๐Ÿ‘

I imagine its hard being a compsci major. Having to T-pose all the time sounds really rough.

Thinking about posting โ€œBernie is a centrist candidate.โ€ Do you think that would get me a lot of notifications?

Let's dispel an aromantic stereotype:
Aromantics do sometimes date people! Even long term! We all have different reasons but I date long term because im gray aromantic and sometimes I do catch feelings. I'm even polyamorous :blobcatlove:
It's really rare for me to feel romantic attraction to someone I dont know, and still pretty rare to feel it for someone I do know... but it does happen sometimes

Apparently its aromantic awareness week? I'm aromantic. Be aware

many years ago my dad said that sloths look like haunted coconuts and i've not been able to unsee that since

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tetris came from russia which is proof that communism makes better video games

I eat the spicy noodles.... I hurt my mouth

(Btw I'm kidding and being totally facetious. I love all u allistics <3)

I think we should vaccinate against allistics. Vaccines causing autism is a goal, not a side effect.

My manager is acting like something crawled up her ass and died. BEING NICE IS FREE

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