also like, don't make it sexy. It's not "femme fatale" it's just fucking fatal you insufferable cur

LadyCranberry channeled

#aphrodite is black heres the proof: her name is afro deity she literally spelled it out for us

Rant over i guess. if you can't find the art you want create it.

One last thing, more stories of her doing all these things and not being a villain. There's plenty of vengeful women being written as hysterical, crazy, and impossible. It's tired. You can write a story with vengeance that both respects the weight of destruction and the reasons why it happened. you can have both.

how many men have made careers off the complexity of their anger? their vengeance? their reckless, unmitigated, destruction? WOMEN SHARE ALL OF THOSE SAME PERSONALITIES AND URGES

I'm all for women being healers, practically every woman i know is a healer, I am NOT for that being the only women we are allowed to be

I'm so fucking sick of EVERY story being about how she rose above it by answering with 'kindness', or 'forgiveness', or 'noble adaptability' Read; staying quiet and obedient. I don't want her to weather the storm i want her to light the fucking building on fire!

I don't want her story to be about forgiving her abuser at the last minute, i don't want her to grant clemency, i don't want her to be reduced to a parable about how "you cannot heal without forgiving them" i don't want the story to end with her going to prison because she killed her attacker. I'm sick of it.

(2/2) i want stories about witches who were murdered for their ability to read i want stories about slave women who were experimented on because their skin meant 'disposable' to the people with power, i want stories about REAL women, complex human beings, wringing blood from the systems that have forever plagued them

I want stories about mother's who have lost their children and want the perpetrators to pay, i want stories about flawed women with incurable pride who will cut off their nose to spite their face, i want stories about daughters with abusive mothers, (1/2)

I'm not saying that love can't bring a woman to murder a man, I'm not even saying those aren't songs i enjoy. I'm saying there is plenty else that can drive us to violence and plenty of it is justified. let those stories be told without coloring with "well she just wanted the man so much"

in related news, I want to cover "david" by noah gundersen

If you want my thoughts on angry women hit up my mirror account

I want righteous fury, I want truth that burns you, i want bones made of iron and salt

ok so i was looking for a "vengeful woman" playlist and??? they were all breakup songs???? FUCK OFF WITH THAT PETTY SHIT I WANT MURDER AND MAYHEM AND SHE-DEVILS DRAGGING THE SOULS OF MAN INTO THE DEPTHS OF DANTES FROZEN HELL

i mean listen sometimes it can be difficult to write anything with a... continuity? lol bc i'm genderfluid as well as a bad writer(read:self insert) and sometimes i'll just switch my characters pronouns without explanation several times over a few hundred pages and all of my beta's are like "w a i t"

i'm not saying selling my soul is a dealbreaker

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