I'm starting a garden bc witchcraft and also that jenna marbles video

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like transhumanism is neat as a concepts or whatevr but like...eugenics is a thing and i don't fuck with it

I feel like I've spent my life just slowly waking up from the depths of one infinite nesting doll dream

if i made a political party feeding birds healthy food at every opportunity would be one of like, the top four imperatives


what do you do when you have a deep connection to two deities that don't get along?

if you were a deity what would be under your dominion, and how would people make offerings to you? (let's pretend for a moment that this is an if and we aren't, in fact, already divine)

LadyCranberry channeled
LadyCranberry channeled

reasons why i have decided im a possum
- clingy
- simultaneously cute and disgusting at the same time
- eat garbage constantly
- soft
- scream at own ass
- grabby little hands
- never wearing socks

does anyone know places to get good occult books? also occult book suggestions?

mean I'm aware of Owl city i just don't like their music lol (I mean don't get me wrong Fireflies is a friggan JAM but I've heard it too many times I'm burnt out on it)

also I'd like to make a playlist that appeals to my autism/autistic experiences and like, all i have so far is Twenty One Pilots

LadyCranberry channeled

hey i really hate to do this but basically my parents prioritize their own wants over the needs of their disabled kid my mom spent 300 bucks on a new flat screen tv meanwhile im emailing back and forth with a woman to figure out disability benefits

please consider lending me a few bucks so i dont constantly have to depend on my useless money wasting mom for everything i want or need


A storm has been going all day and It's struck me with the energy to clean ⚡

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