@Katarzyna I have never seen an animal more disappointed in me

@Pixley my own non-andean non-mountain cat will stare at anyone as if his entire world has been shattered if he's not given a dried fish cube before his wet food.

@Pixley he hops onto the counter around food time and says "mother, you are aware i desire The Cube, yet you do nothing, why"

@Katarzyna idk something about the cute face and eyes lol

@spookyfanny our familiars should definitely not hang out trust me on this one

@Katarzyna LMFAO listen in my brain this is a they are friendly cat and rat ok :blobcatmeltcry:

@spookyfanny hmmm maaaaybe, probably not, but maybe, especially not if there are neat boulders to hide behind

@Katarzyna hmm good fuzzy kit i enjoy seeing on the tl, is my verdict

also it's a good thing im not the explorer type because i would absolutely try to befriend one of these and it would absolutely scratch the heck out of me, probably

@burgin i dont wanna tempt you but they're not often seen... trip to the andes to find elusive fluff baby?

@genderlessmenace666 i cried at a zoo and refused to leave the tiny wild cat bit

@Katarzyna the fact that there are cats the same size as or even smaller than my housecat but could kill me is just... YES :blobaww:

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