Enter discipleship

you new folks better be ready to be flabbergasted by the sheer size of my dumb, gentle, sobft heart

Just need not to be alone, bad head day, v upset and frightened. Can I just feel like you would keep me company...please? Would also love to just talk but not rn, I’m mostly nonverbal

@fountainofwonder oh absolutely, i'd most definitely keep you company, it's almost 3am where I am, but I'd definitely keep you company. I have more text at my disposal now I'm on witches.live so that's good. We can talk potentially either later this morning for me, or more likely in the evening when I'll be home. If neither time works out then I have an entire day on Wednesday outside of picking up my prescriptions

@Katarzyna <3 Thanks. I am on withches live too and character allowance far far too small 4 me. Just sayin. :3

@fountainofwonder you can message me from another instance if you need the larger character allowance haha, I tend not to need it anyway because none of my toots have any real grammar or spelling, more just a sort of general sense of parlance and rhythm, which I enjoy much more. We'll definitely talk soon then :)

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