im afraid to go to the beach because one time I absentmindedly said 'stinky sea king' in the general direction of the ocean, and i know lord poseidon hasn't forgotten, thanks

im back on my laptop, did you like me making sense? WELL NO MORE!!!

hey dweebs, sometimes I drop by my dad's to play guitar, and well, ya girl has left her grocery shopping there, WOOPS

There is never not a time when I have boobs now and I am humbled by the tiddy permanence

The best noise a tiny child can make is an emphatic and triumphant "ah", thanks

Fuck math, collect unusual vegetables and never know how many you have

They say ya girl gotta go on a diet, cos I keep eatin SNACKS :angry_laugh:

I may beg people to worship me, but I have that and doing absolutely nothing on the weekend in common with god, so

Today is my Valentine's Day, it's like the other more popular one but it's just for me, I am the soul valentine, I am THE valentine, me me me, thanks

I hate tooting from a phone, it takes longer and requires me to think about it, I make sense etc, disgusting, anyway if anyone wants this phone I just found in someone else's pocket lemme know

I caught something at the transport museum, and I'm not referring to the gleeful spirit with which we were encouraged to journey through time via the transport of yesteryear- their A to B s giving us a glimpse of life way back when, I mean a stomach bug, thanks

i have The Feelings for a guy i know and i can tell this because whenever he talks about working out i go hahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahaha

*falls out of your fridge* "i was in fridge" im right but im confused

my name is fun because you can just say cat and while it's cat it's also me, thanks

heck yeah i channeled


hey shoutout to the nurse who played along with me when i pretended relaxing my butt in order for it to be probed was not something I'm an expert at, thanks

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