Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

using my kitty lamp as a mood light so please be nice to me thanks

actually, believe it or not, 'Fish Fingers in my Ass at Time Square' didn't take me very long to come up with as a project, like, it just happened, it needed to. america needed to see me conjure up a performance from somewhere deep down we can all resonate with

Katarzyna- fun and cool kasia
Flatarzyna- got squished kasia
batarzyna- night time spook ghost kasia
catarzyna- mahw kasia
bratarzyna- uwu time kasia
datarzyna- oh shit waddup it's kasia
eatarzyna- a meal of rzyna for kasia
hatarzyna- stylish head wear kasia
oatarzyna- brother give kasia your oats

@Katarzyna the insides are cool too and I will show them in demand

I got more old books today, I will s h o w when I get back

My favourite restaurant has cool table clothes and a gender neutral bathroom

ive decided i dont give a shit about my neighbours so if anyone wants to come round to just kinda scream a lot at the wall that'd be cool there's power in numbers

i love that everyone thinks breakfast is important cos it means i can be late for stuff i dont wanna do and just be all 'ah i had to get breakfast, man, you know how it is, it's important n shit'

i need a bigger bra every 5 minutes what are these pills

whowu do we want to win the champions weague ^.^???

now the pwemier league is over i guess i gotta go back to thinmkin bout toes >.<

whowu do we want to win the euwopa weague ^.^???

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