Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

using my kitty lamp as a mood light so please be nice to me thanks

investing in learning to do more than just poorly read french so i can flirt more effectively with my french internet wife, she's french

@Katarzyna My White Son Professional Bartender Epic Drink Mixing (You Gotta Watch This!! So Talented)

your favourite kasia flavour but infused with a lemon and lime twist

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im not confident enough in my soap lying abilities to work at lush

people interacting with this are lesbians with daddy energy

cannot express my disappointment in the entire stock market not having a single drop of stock

big pimpin but it's snufkin dancing and it's called 'big snufkin'

male author of the male erotic story of the year I Don't Care Who Knows / Sprouts For M'lady

papa papa yes papa
eating papa
no papa
telling papa
no papa
open your papa
pa pa pa

i just dropped an organic and unwashed 'zaddy' to a girl im very attracted to because i have no self control or self awareness

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