Direct messages (DMs) on #Mastodon /#ActivityPub / the #fediverse are not end-to-end encrypted (#e2ee) and you should never include sensitive/private information in them.

Until they are e2ee, this is all we should be telling people. Anything else is irresponsible and could cause vulnerable people harm.

Specifically, it doesn’t matter:

- if your instance admin is ethical or not
- whether Elon Musk can read DMs easier on Twitter
- etc.

It’s not end-to-end encrypted. It’s not private. End of.

Only ever reading about a spiritual tradition and just clinging to what people say about it does not suffice for engaging with it, building from it, and living it out.

We talk of "progress" or "evolution" a lot, but if all you're doing is running laps, you're not going anywhere.

So how long have I been reading tarot and where did I start? I wrote this a while ago, it’s a little rambling, but it mostly still holds true.

The World Divination Association holds online summits. And they recently held one on Lenormand. One of the great things about these events is that everyone is so supportive. The speakers get to present from their own space, with volunteers supporting them with any IT issues, and it’s open to anyone to speak. The vibe is positive and relaxed. It’s great to see speakers you wouldn’t usually see share their experiences. More details on the blog:

What’s been the best investment for my understanding of Lenormand?

Buying a 60cm x 60 cm folding table that I refuse to take down. I can fit a GT using my larger decks like the Gilded Reverie and the Burning Serpent without having to overlap the cards.

Playing more with GTs is really changing my practice.

I do need to sew myself a reading close that fits rather than just folding some fabric on it 😅

Deck shown: Green Glyphs Lenormand

Just to confirm that Rachel Pollack is very much still with us. Llewelyn posted her obituary in error. It’s a shocking mistake to make.

Shout out to all my fellow readers, what's your favourite book? and what you're favourite deck?

I'm very excited to announce that my new book will be published soon by Original Falcon Press. Thanks to everyone who has helped nudge this essay collection to completion!

New Year:New Blog Post. This was gives you some ideas to experiment with if when trying to answer Yes/No Questions with Lenormand

I didn’t quite have it finished enough to post it but I’ve done a good revision. I want of check it over again tomorrow.

I have a half-written blog post on using Lenormand cards for yes/no questions that I refuse to carry over into 2023. Today is the day I finish it.

PARENT: "Have you finished writing your letter to Santa?"

CHILD: "I'm don't believe in Santa anymore. Now I believe in a decentralized network of independently operating elves who federate using an open protocol called ActivityPub to share information about children's Christmas wishes and source gifts to fulfill them"

I need to get in the habit of posting here... my personal practice is mostly daily divination. I don't really have a spiritual practice but I'm fascinated by all who do. I wish I could make meaningful spiritual connections. I think I'm a bit scared about where it would go.

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