My altar but I have a nsfw incense holder 

Inure channeled

Anything can be witchcraft if you say it is. Taking a nap? Witchcraft.

I'd post a pic of my altar but A) it's not a lot to look at and B) it has a nsfw incense holder

I got a witch casket the other day n the stuff really brightened up my altar? I'm very happy.


Inure channeled

i want to be able to talk to people via email again... like i miss that type of sorta slow communication. maybe I'm just craving a pen pal

I got a new ash catcher yesterday and it's rly pretty except guess what

Inure channeled
Inure channeled

Protect the vulnerable. Punish the cruel. Shine through and be free.

Hi everyone! I'm Inure!! I'm kind of a beginner witch and I'm v excited to b here. I use it/its pronouns and I'm 21! Situated in the UK.

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