My altar but I have a nsfw incense holder 

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Anything can be witchcraft if you say it is. Taking a nap? Witchcraft.

I'd post a pic of my altar but A) it's not a lot to look at and B) it has a nsfw incense holder

I got a witch casket the other day n the stuff really brightened up my altar? I'm very happy.

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most parents: "I'm gonna spy on my kids' online activities to make sure they are behaving and not learning anything evil."

me, to my teen son: "OK, son. Let me teach you the importance of the Incognito Window."


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i want to be able to talk to people via email again... like i miss that type of sorta slow communication. maybe I'm just craving a pen pal

I got a new ash catcher yesterday and it's rly pretty except guess what

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My Boss: so we've been reviewing your browsing history and we have just one question... is the "live" in Witches.Live like "live on the air" or like "living"?

Me: uhhhh

My Boss: your job depends on your answer

Inure channeled
Inure channeled

Protect the vulnerable. Punish the cruel. Shine through and be free.

Hi everyone! I'm Inure!! I'm kind of a beginner witch and I'm v excited to b here. I use it/its pronouns and I'm 21! Situated in the UK.

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