Love when my coworkers make a show of judging what I eat, which is definitely their business! 🤷‍♀️


My wife is getting dogpiled by children on birdsite for saying she was disappointed by a shitty manga from the 80s.

LB shit 

I'm like, increasingly feeling isolated and culture-shocked at work even though I've been there for 3 years. It's just very gradually ground me down.
I wish I were friends with some of the other Americans at the lab but French people have already made me feel like such an alien that I don't feel like I can relate to anyone normally anymore.

boost if you think it should be spelled algorhythm

I love that we (in this little instance specifically) are creating out own culture, occasionally influenced by, but unconstrained by outside influence.

@Iguananaut if youve ever sincerely disparagingly referred to richard stallman as a “cis man” congratulations we’re officially in a fight

2016: Guillotines lol j/k

2019: No for real though


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reason number 47347948316 why Twitter needs to die: they just deleted 2000 accounts of real people who oppose US invasion in Venezuela, while there are many thousands of bot accounts run by the US-based regime changers which have been allowed to operate with complete impunity. this is Twitter *explicitly* taking political action on behalf of the coup. corporations aren't neutral

Hey! first post here ^^

I'm Machi! (She/Her) trans girl from Argentina. I been looking for a place to crash for a while, here seems really nice and cosy! ^^

So, stuff i like, sleeping, video games, cats, bats, also art, i do art from time to time (originally came from the Art instance) and, well, other stuff that i can't think right now cuz i'm a mess.

Also i'm gay.

Anyone else on here in the Paris (France, not Texas) region?

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