I just very nearly butt-texted this to my software development client: "I.. Poo.. MM. M.... ("

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Does anyone else think political correctness has gone mad?

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I still do hate that cops are called pigs though. I know they both eat garbage and poop on their own balls, but the similarities end there and actual pigs are the sweetest animals on earth

My husband, my beloved, showed up with a bag of USBs. But friends. They are all this size. All of them. Amazing.

idly dreaming of having a typewriter to bang out angry letters to send to congresspeople and companies

it probably wouldn't do much but it would feel like i'm doing something

...........and that someone,,,,,,,,,,, was albert ein--er, me

There's plenty of valid criticism of Blizzard's handling but I'm still glad Soldier 76 is confirmed gay though, as if we didn't already know all along.

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