Rune-enchanted cant

I need recommendations of artisans, herbalists, and crystal enthusiasts to follow here! Fill my feed with beautiful creations! Seeking

It's Freya's Day, Hail #Freya
Here's your weekly #FridayPaganPoll :

How would you describe your polytheism?

Some clarification:
Hard- distinct, individual gods
Medium- a handful of archetypes/phenomena
Soft- all are aspects of one God & Goddess

One of the most important lessons my recovery journey has taught me is that this journey takes time. #Healing requires us to choose to stop struggling and instead, to just relax into the present moment... because that's where our power is.

The power to make better choices... the power to cultivate new skills to deal with the things that wounded us... the power to move through #addiction, and loneliness, and trauma... and fear... and to remember that it won't matter how slowly we go, as long as we don't stop.

#Recovery isn't a destination. It's a journey. And sometimes, the most beautiful realisations come when we take that next step.

Apparently โ€œfree speech absolutistโ€ means suspending anyone whose free speech he doesnโ€™t like.

Today we celebrate Mental Health Awareness Day, a milestone in . On this date in 1973 the American Psychiatric Association removed Homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

Yearly reminder to not give money to the Salvation Army. It is not a charity, it's a fundamentalist Christian organization that supports anti-queer policies. Support mutual aid resources instead.

Just spoke with Nikola Tesla in Heaven. He wants Me to tell everyone he thinks Elon is a scoundrel and a ninnyhammer!

Made this infographic for the server since I'm being asked a bunch of questions about it. Here's my understanding of things here on this server and hope that it will be helpful to newer folks migrating here.

I need recommendations of artisans, herbalists, and crystal enthusiasts to follow here! Fill my feed with beautiful creations! Seeking

Radical inclusion and community don't require homogeneity. You can worship deities; while others of us do not. You can blend your magic with your religion, without requiring others to do so.

The most breathtaking of tapestries are always made of different colour threads. There's magic in our diversity.

#witchcraft #diversity #pagan #secularwitch #chaosmagic #folkmagic

When you're about to sit down for dinner and you KNOW it's gonna be good

The "dark moon" is the final part of the waning crescent /balsamic moon phase.

This is a time of conclusion, the end of the moon cycle. It is a time for deep rest, reflection, meditation, divination, and shadow work. When compared to the wheel of the year, this is the final weeks of winter before the spring equinox. In terms of gardening, this is a time of composting and preparing the soil for planting. As we reflect and rest in this final darkness before the rebirth into a new moon cycle, our inner work can help us refine the goals we will set with the new moon.

Patreon Exclusive Dark Moon Shadow Work Prompts:

Someone gave me great advice when I started here. Donโ€™t be a wallflower, just scrolling through your timeline. Boost the posts that made you stop a moment. Say hello to others. Youโ€™ll be an โ€œold-timerโ€ in a few days. Donโ€™t just follow all the same people who are like you. Use your filter to not see topics that wear you down. Visit other countries through their photos. This place is what WE make it. Letโ€™s build a real community. #newbies #welcome

No ads, no "recommend for you"... it's so... quiet ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ’—

stop glamorizing the grind and start glamorizing Mushroom Mother with her children

Today is #TransDayofRemembrance when we honor and remember trans lives taken by violence. How horrifying that a deadly attack upon the LGBTQ+ community in Colorado Springs should occur right before this solemn day.
Hate isnโ€™t born in us. It is taught. It must end.
This starts with our political leaders, who must cease their cynical attacks against our community before another attack occurs.
Call out the hate. Remind them of its consequences. Hold them to account.

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