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Hey Witchy folk, I'm Halo, and magical theory & practice is one of my favourite things. 💖

For those that like intros:

I'm a pagan author (pen name: Halo Quin), storyteller, Dr of Philosophy, poet, teacher, singer-songwriter... almost everything I do is connected to magic in some way & I love helping others (re) enchant their lives.

& I'm a queer, neurodivergent, white British, millennial.

My magical roots include: Reclaiming Witchcraft, Feri, OBOD (Druid grade), traditional witchcraft, spirit led faery work, heathenry, & Welsh mythology/land.

Halo Quin channeled
Halo Quin channeled

Etymology fact: "Midwife" doesn't imply the gender of the midwife. It comes from the Middle English "mid" (with) and "wife" (historically, used to mean "woman". So it means "person who is with the woman".  

Halo Quin channeled

day 3 of #ArtAdventCalendar

this is a pen and ink sketch series i've been working on to lean into the feelings i want to create for my future self and get back into the habit of daily art and devotional practice.

it follows the pattern of morning/noon/nite/dreams over the course of a month in the life of my future self.

#Art #PenAndInk #Sketch #AsemicWriting #Glyph #ArtisticChill
#PenAndInk #Sigils #Art #DailyArt #WeavingFate #BlackAndWhite

Halo Quin channeled

If we accept that we have the power to craft reality to bend to our will, then we must become more mindful of the words we speak to ourselves, because they too are creating the reality we experience.

Our magic doesn't come with an on-off switch.

Halo Quin channeled

Wish more people realised that for most art businesses, it's the artist alone doing all the work. Creating the pieces, shipping orders, administration, customer service, promotion, starting feuds with other artists, spitefully painting unflattering portraits of them into historical scenes, trying to poison them, it's all one person.

Halo Quin channeled

I think some people struggle with maintaining a consistent spiritual practice because they limit themselves to doing what *other* people do instead of developing a practice that they find personally fulfilling.

When people ask me what they should do, I encourage them to think of which spiritual practices they actively enjoy and feel benefit their relationship with the Divine the most. Maybe they love to sing to their Gods, make art, meditate, use prayer beads, scry and divine, or something else entirely. Basing one's practice around activities that bring joy and productive personal development tends to make sticking to a devotional routine much easier, in my experience!

#pagan #paganism #polytheism #religion #spirituality

Halo Quin channeled

Don't hesitate to warn me if you notice that I post less than seven positive news about #ClimateAction for every negative story about our #ClimateCrisis because hope is the most important renewable resource.

The rallying cry in the Netherlands started two decades ago, as concern mounted about its ability to feed its 17 million people: Produce twice as much food using half as many resources.

The country, which is a bit bigger than Maryland, not only accomplished this feat but also has become the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products by value behind the United States.

Perhaps even more significant in the face of a warming planet: It is among the largest exporters of agricultural and food technology. The Dutch have pioneered cell-cultured meat, vertical farming, seed technology and robotics in milking and harvesting — spearheading innovations that focus on decreased water usage as well as reduced carbon and methane emissions.

Halo Quin channeled

How to find new to listen to 🎶🎸

I am writing this because I hear that ppl are becoming more & more reliant on apps & algorithms to show them new bands to enjoy

Here are a few tips for when your friends are all tapped out of suggestions and you've worn out all your playlists ✨️

1. Look up the bands that your very favorites have gone on tour with

2. Find articles focused on the bands you enjoy. See if they mention any music they enjoy or are inspired by in the interviews (they often do)

Halo Quin channeled

Hello! #Introduction. I'm several things.

A mid-career creative services consultant (#branding, copywriting, #UX). An early-career folklorist and historian (MA 2022). A lifelong writer and artist (fiction, drawing, songwriting). A founder of #MythologyMonday. A neurodivergent, probably-definitely #autistic weirdo.

I post #art, #music & #fiction on Patreon and Imgur, essays on #mythology & #folklore on Ramblers Journal, research on Research Gate, and whatever I feel like right here.

Dancing last night in an ecstatic movement space. Following the lion.

I love sacred spaces, and magical, ritual spaces. It's easy to forget how healing it can be just to BE in such a space. And it reminded me of how much I love creating and holding those spaces for others.

So I'm contemplating how to do this in more sustainable, and accessible, ways than I have been, honouring my embodied existence. Thinking this will likely involve music, story, and ritual online.

I've also been slowly recovering from an injury earlier this year so I am very grateful for how much more I could move this time, too. 💖

Halo Quin channeled

Trans rights are human rights. Everyday, not just on Transgender Day of Remembrance. Sending love and support to all my trans friends. You are loved, sacred, and your life matters. We fight for the dead. We fight harder for those alive. 🏳️‍⚧️

Halo Quin channeled

We did an introduction when we first got here from the other place, but as there seem to be a lot more Mastodonians now (is that a word?) I thought I'd do a new one.

This is the official account for the Folklore Podcast. 7 seasons, 1.5 million + downloads and ranked in the top 5% in our genre by audience.

Our ethos is simple. We bring free access to experts in Folklore and associated subjects from around the world.

Please join us and reblog

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Halo Quin channeled

It's a heavy day for all of us.

If you are in a bad place for ANY REASON, or just need someone to talk to, I implore you to reach out.

Trevor project lifeline:
📱 1-866-488-7386
:ms_speech_bubble: text START to 678-678

We love you. We need your light. This world is a better place with you in it.

:blobhearttranscat: #TDoR

Leonine magic abounds! Just been shown CD art with a lion on, unprompted...

Halo Quin channeled

(Oh Gods people are following me I have to post things now)

Hi, I'm Enfys, I wrote a metaphysics book that got published earlier this year called "Queer Qabala" and I'm in a weird band called the Misbehavin' Maidens and our first pro music video (after 3 albums and 10 years together as a band) premieres tonight on YouTube.

Music video:

Here is a picture of one of my cats (Dr. Coda Elizabat).

One of the earliest ways I learned to do magic was through consistently speaking truths. In fairness it was more of a compulsion (lying is painful, and this may in part be a neurodivergent thing) but it also wove through my work with the Fair Folk.

I reason that if the universe/Wyrd knows I always speak the truth, then what I say *must* be so.

Thus all words become a spell, & honesty a magical practice.

(I'm always working on speaking more in alignment with my Godself and less with fear, but I'm also only (mostly) human...)

Now I'm wondering, what unusual magic do you do that isn't generally found in instructional books?

Halo Quin channeled

This is also a very empowering and humbling way to consider #magic and #language. This goes well beyond the "hurhur, don't give the fey your name" trope. Many wield the power in their words in a raw and unrecognized way.
A muttered curse about someone's appearance overheard can ruin someone's day, a thoughtful comment can lift someone up. Rarely will sparks fly from your fingertips, or mystic energy will manifest before your eyes, but that's because the power and magic of words are subtle and can often fail to have an effect or go unheard.

If you've ever felt touched by a book or changed by someone's comment, you've felt this type of magic. Try to speak concensusly to keep the raw power of your words from going a wry.

Halo Quin channeled
Halo Quin channeled
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