there are two wolves inside you

one wants to learn the story of the jews

the other wants a sequel to borat

Lenore channeled
Lenore channeled

broke: euro truck simulator
woke: eve trucking
bespoke: becoming a postmates deliveryperson irl

sitting at the dock thinking about hooking up with my friends 😏

bathroom business, drugs 

Just popping in to remind everyone that Vermin Supreme's platform includes legalizing drugs and sex work, and the formation of mutual aid networks and alternative economies so we can dismantle the state

depressing/suicidal, t slur 

update: getting a truck and moving to the woods in NH to make moonshine and do redneck stuff

SWIM smoked some dmitri and now I kinda feel like I'm alive

extremely depressing/suicidal 

I feel a caress on my leg

to realize it's only the wind

and then, that it is the wind

who touches me


Lenore channeled

@Ha_Mavir i didn't get a report, but 's post isn't in context lol. if you're replying to something you see it above the edit window like this thank you so much. Also in the process of replying to you on mobile I think I may have accidentally reported the post 😬


so i think i might be a system, what's up with that..?


Lenore channeled

♫ well I been ridin' through the desert on a horse with six legs ♫

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