today a friend put out their game!! its called Retrace!
Things game is about:
* queer people
* depression
* puzzles
* gay love stories (multiple)
* cool art
* cool music

Check it out if you can!

@tobi_o I unfortunately don't have enough money, but I'll boost as well so others can see it

@anna because unfortunately treating trans people properly is "new", it was explained to me as the whole bodily biology thing. Personally I have never seen a difference as to which gender I've cast as. All the spells I use are mostly neutral.

@prismatica Good luck! It can be a bit difficult but it's a very rewarding experience. Just be careful about which fibers/fabrics you use

@Nick_Djinn I don't know enough about them to form an opinion, but I know they're semi-autonomous and breaking away from Syria

big ups to the gym for playing fucking alex claire and jessie j so i can pretend like its only been a few weeks since i last went instead of a few years

- those born male or female have different spiritual channels (called vessels) and thus are capable of different spells at varying strengths, judge yourself accordingly.
- when sigils are used accuracy is important
- There are certain terms I use present in near eastern mythology, I was taught these terms as a translation, judge accordingly.
- I've done my best to re-adapt the spells in to more modern language, if they sound archaic/pretentious/old I apologize
- I'll put together a more comprehensive kit when I have more energy 🧞 🔮 ✨

For witches wanting to learn about some of the spells I cast (my variant of Near Eastern magic) the following materials are useful:
- aromatic fragrances like sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense,
- if possible, not required but it helps: precious metals like gold/silver (foil/leaf counts but isn't as strong)
- sand, particularly that from deserts
- wax used for sealing (different from candle wax)
- a strong sense of spiritual energy and strength, this magic relies on channeling otherworldly spirits, those of weak constitution are strongly advised to avoid higher spells (I'll tag as appropriate)
- The practice is dual-path, meaning both light and dark magic

(cont.) Guide my humble mortal soul, endowed with the strength of ages.

(Optional, requires direction, the "bound" spell)
May the seven hands of the ageless grant their power to my will.
As I ask, so shall it be done ✨🧞

For the admins curious about the spell I listed on my application, since it is near eastern magic. I'll be kind and list it here, for the unbound (non targeted) variant you don't need anything, although objects like sand, gold, or silver can help.

✨Call of the Seven Hands✨
O ageless spirits beyond mortal comprehension, I humbly request aid. Grant unto me your spirit and power. I call the seven hands of the Great King Solomon to aid me.

@anna unfortunately not, I learned from my old boss' mom, /but/ I can answer some basic questions :ablobcatcoffee:

I suppose I should do an
Hi there, I'm Alex.
🔮 I'm a practitioner of near eastern (also called Arabian/Arabic) magic. 🧞‍♂️
I don't really have much of a political label, but let's go with some kind of socialist/antifascist :blobcatmorningtea: :antifa:
I try to answer as many questions but don't expect much because I'm still decently new

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