Rune-enchanted cant

So, I made a Patreon page. I'll be putting up hi-res files of some of my work, for personal use by anyone who pledges.
Cheers, and thanks!

GateKept channeled

someBODY once told me
the deserts gonna roll me
with a pair of trunkless legs in the sa-and

they were looking kinda vast
with a plaque, and yet no ass
and some words, 'bout some king, who was gra-and

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Anyone got any tips for dealing with muscle pain?

Money mention 

GateKept channeled

its cool how real estate prices are linked to basically every problem in america

Today has been absolutely lovely. I hope you all have had days at least as nice.

So, in an unexpected turn of events, I'm dating again.
Which is very nice.

At another march now. Stonewall remembrance, this one.
Let's see how this one goes.

Counter-protesters were blowing smoke in our faces. Someone threw a punch. Guess who the cops sided with?

Protest day is today! Further details as warranted.

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