Rune-enchanted cant

Hey I'm trying to make rent happen and after this work week, will need anywhere from $500 - $700 after some previous setbacks. And if you can't donate, can you please boost this?

Rune-enchanted cant

Reminder that most of the protesters in Hong Kong are rich capitalist kids who are afraid of social change, and not "free speech advocates", as the media seems to call every right-wing movement without question these days.

Drakken Saer, pro-Trump, QAnon conspiracy theorist trans girl, shown in Portland holding a flag with a slogan on it that makes absolutely no fucking sense.

I feel really hurt and betrayed by someone I've been in a relationship with, and have known and trusted for the past six years, and I don't think I can handle this.

It's the same on both desktop and the mobile app.

Facebook won't let me post, comment, or react to anything, but doesn't say I'm postblocked, and everyone else seems to have it working fine.... did Facebook shadowban me???

"We didn't steal the land, we conquered it" is such a weird stretch white supremacists use.

It's like if you stabbed some random person on the street and said "I didn't murder them, I overthrew them". It's so stupid.

The "Whatever, just wash your hands" restroom sign with the centaurs and mermaids on it are just the corporate version of "attack helicopter" jokes.

I feel like life's just gonna come crashing into a dead end until I lose everything.

I got snatched by the big blue hand in Enter The Gungeon, and it put me in a room just as a giant spiked roller now only crushed me, but knocked me off the ledge, and then I proceeded to die in a room I already completed. I will be mad about this until I die.


Self-checkout machines be like...

"Please place item in bagging area. UNEXPECTED ITEM IN BAGGING AREA"

*sigh* I hate being mad at family, but why can't family just... listen sometimes???????

Which btw is why I'm coming back here and whenever I wanna make a ranty fb post, I just post it here instead. It's a lot easier than filtering out the weird ass identity-tankies.

(If you're a cool and serious ML, this isn't about you, don't worry)

I can think of at least a few "leftbook" celebrities that seem to be trying extremely hard to make horseshoe theory valid, like, half of their communism is making edgy jokes about people who aren't as 'woke' as they are. Or maybe it's just the phenomenon of white people pretending to be leftist for some kind of weird clout idk. They occasionally say something that is completely fucking wrong, and no one fucking questions them on it because they'll just get a meme made out of them and a thousand angry pm's.

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