Rune-enchanted cant

Hey I'm trying to make rent happen and after this work week, will need anywhere from $500 - $700 after some previous setbacks. And if you can't donate, can you please boost this?

Rune-enchanted cant

@Ferretsyndicate Lot of people seem to think we're supposed to sacrifice civilian lives to protect the military's toys.

Libertarians attempting to do irony, but proposing a good idea instead:

(Good morning.)

Working toward that day when I don't feel defeated all the time, but only time will tell if this is doable.

Herman is getting a rib removed so he can bite his own tail

Took me like 4 hours to realize I left my purse in my car. My phone is cold as shit.

Most liberals exposure to socialism in America is limited to public services, and almost completely ignores worker rights, which is like the entire reason behind socialism's existence in the first place.

I talk about this a lot, but it's one of those things that drive me up the wall that the same people who like to view themselves as progressive and open-minded are repeating Cold War style propaganda in the modern age, rather than acknowledge that America is responsible for its own messes, and has been ever since the arrival of white settlers.

@DJWalnut @anna The obsessions with Putin and "Russian hackers" are comical. If only I were as powerful as a Russian hacker I could walk through walls and fix obscure XMPP bugs with hardly any effort.

Someone made a mod for a DBZ fighting game where you can play as Shaggy.

Phil Ochs literally wrote a song about this like 50 years ago and people still don't get it.

They like "Democratic Socialism" because it sounds less scary than the propaganda they've been fed about actual socialism, and they don't have to stray too far from their capitalist comfort zones.

Honestly the whole "Russian Bot" thing is being used as an anti-socialism campaign by the Democrats. Anyone expressing socialist action and change is categorized as the enemy in a way that liberals are now conditioned to believe and never question. I can see why they could be called 'NPCs', just not in the Republican sense.

I guess liberals are still calling Trump a communist huh

@Zero_Democracy @xeno @anna imagine hating all Russians because the government once had some trolls post shity fake news articles on Facebook for your grandpa to share

“My arthritis is terrible and my eyes are getting worse and I’m mostly deaf in my left ear and my right ear has tinnitus”

“Yeah middle age is a bitch”

“...I’m thirty fucking two”

I could hear my neighbors having an ugly breakup and when i went outside i found this

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