Rune-enchanted cant

Hey I'm trying to make rent happen and after this work week, will need anywhere from $500 - $700 after some previous setbacks. And if you can't donate, can you please boost this?

Rune-enchanted cant

Also sign my other petition to make people stop squatting over the bowl because they think sitting down on something will make them sick, pls and thx u

Hi pls sign my petition for the entire planet to stop fucking using tracing-paper covers for toilet seats like they're somehow extending their life by putting a micro-thin separation between their ass and the toilet seat.

Being "horny" is a sin. As a Christian, the only one I'm "horny" for is my Lord and Saviour.

When projection is the only language you know how to communicate:

PSA: If you live where abortion's illegal or inaccessible? this organization will mail you abortion pills internationally and walk you through the process of usage for a donation amount of your choice, no minimum required.

FINALLY getting out of this dump. The house is official, and the move-in date is the 30th. Gonna be close to the airport, but the neighborhood is generally pretty low-key for Portland. It's a beautiful little blue house and I'm so excited.

I'm feeling really refreshed after this past day. Was in a really dark mood yesterday after finding out I wasn't moving out when I thought I was. But I saw some friends last night, got real faded, cuddly, and passed out. And this morning I got a financial boost, and it's now easier to realize that this can be worked through.

Kinda just crossing my fingers that a new place will be in order sooner rather than later.

If PewDiePie can "accidentally" be a Nazi, then surely I can "trip and fall" my hand into his face.

I wanna get a gray cat so I can name them "grayscale".

I drove 18 miles just to pick them up in a rural area, asked them if I could stop at a Wal-Mart on the way to their destination, which they agreed to. But once I got to Wal-Mart, they told me to cancel the ride so they could go shopping, which would make it so that I'd make $0 on the ride, so I refused. I went a total of 30 miles for them, and they chose the entitled "I don't have to pay because I changed my mind" route. But it doesn't work that way!

Yesterday some passengers tried to corner me into giving them a free ride, and when I refused, they reported me as "intoxicated", but the issue was resolved fairly quickly and those people are probably gonna get suspended now, so suck it, assholes.

My landlord looks SO MUCH like J.K. Rowling, physical features and even down to the makeup. And like, I can 100% imagine Rowling as a landlord type of person.

Gonna be in a house soon, why can't it be April 1st right now?

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