Rune-enchanted cant

Hello witches, happy to join you!

My witchy background: grew up in British Traditional Wicca -> became a genderqueer teen and was like no thank you -> joined the radical fae -> early 20s my mentor passed away and I was called to craft runes -> transition and start some srs relationships-> late 20s feeling spiritually stagnant, revisits calling to runes, converts to reconstructionistish heathenism -> feels pretty grounded & happy

Thanks for having me, hopefully we can make lots of trouble đź’‹

Uhhhh check this awesome website that teaches ancient languages

I've been building a Facebook Events style event organizing system for the Fediverse. It's based on the simple, open source, privacy-respecting event organizing tool

The attached video is a work-in-progress preview and shows compatibility with Mastodon. My hope is to get it working with lots of software, including stuff like Friendica that supports events and calendars.

Check out more at my Patreon:

Craft, Divination, Runes 

Craft, Divination, Runes 

Sex mention 

I love how trans powerful is

We are blessed to live in witchy tranarchy :chillblobwitch: :anartrans_symbol:

spells and manifestations for the last full moon of the year 12/12:

i uphold myself. i protect and guide myself. i feel then i let go, easily. i love easily and kindly. i am warmth. i am vibrant. i am strong. i sing, i dance, i make music and make merry. i play... with myself. i am connected to my body i am connected to my sex. i am private. i am intimate. life is simple, i am complex. i am loved in all the ways i desire. i embrace my desires. i follow them, i discern between desires from a place of love versus a place of hurt. i am aware. i feel everything... hope... shame. i do not need to save or be saved. i am the love i seek, i need no saving from that

For witches with atmospheric challenges that make barriers to locating specific celestial bodies, I highly recommend the app “Star Gazer+”.

I couldn’t see the moon worth shit tonite but was able to orient myself to her with that app. Berry nice :blobcheerwitch:

Selfie / Ritual Work / Relationships 

psst... witches... the full moon has imbued certain html runes such as marquee and font...

czech it out

So Jack wants to develop a federated status protocol and pivot Twitter into being some kind of aggregation platform for his vision of the fediverse.

This fills me with dread TBH because this is how megacorps destroy open alternatives to their centralized crap. They claim they want to build a better version "for the people", add support for the open standard, grab a bunch of users/content, then re-centralize themselves.

XMPP almost saw actual usable adoption when Google did it, then they closed the gates.

PSA: Remember not to use YouTube from Today to the 13th because of the BreadTube walkout

N’oubliez pas, ne utilizez pas le YouTube du jour au 13 de decembre au cause du débreyage de BreadTube

Tomorrow is the solstice’s full moon my beloved e-coven. What are you doing to celebrate? I’m breaking my divination dry spell and rededicating myself to my path.


if you have friends who want to sign up for, don't make them fill out the form, come up with an anticapitalism spell, then wait for me to check the queue! give them an invite from the "offer fellowship to the coven" link in the footer (or "Invites" in Runeworks) and they can bypass the invite spam check and join right away! :witchyfly:

uncle bernie please carve up and spit out this disgusting "health" """care""" "system" and flay every health insurance exec alive in public, thanks

The MBTI is pretty much just pseudoscience. It doesn't provide sufficient evidence to back up its assumptions about how personality works.

alright witches, get your marquee and font tags ready, it is only one week from The Yule Full Moon

this probably has a name i should probably look up :thonkang:

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