Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

I think a lot of serious astrologers would be happy to tell you that astrology is bullshit—but that also it doesn't matter, because we all need symbolic languages that help us deal with the raging, senseless trash fire that is life.

Rune-enchanted cant

tbh I have always felt like the part of me inside where I’m supposed to feel a gender is like... missing? so all I’ve got is socialization, anger, and a particular body shape 🤷🏻‍♀️

Rune-enchanted cant

About me:
- Ash.
- Jew. Witch. JewWitch.
- Sincereposting.
- Mom friend, actual old.
- Absent-minded professor.
- Some kind of nonbinary, queer demigirl. Afab.
- Can we just throw gender into the void tho?
- "She" is totally ok, "they" is also pretty cool.
- Boring married person.
- Actually pretty serious about the witch part.
- Every grey cardigan in the world.
- Smash capitalism.

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taking my meds on time to own the libs

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Hey, it's almost Purim, so just remember: Get fucked up and scream at the mere mention of the name of your enemy.

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Ash channeled

Happy Purim! The holiday where we drink and eat cookies in the shape of the hats of our enemies, and also Queen Esther is an utter badass.

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Reasons to love Purim (this wednesday!!) in no particular order:
(1) a diasporic woman saves the day
(2) you give money to the poor and food to your neighbors
(3) parties! Plays!
(4) Hitler hated Purim in particular

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Seen around Sydney in the days since the #Christchurch Massacre.

Wherever we stand, we stand against fascism.

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When you start typing in the address bar but fat-finger the enter after joi :thinkhappy:

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can't wait until it's titanic strawberry season and my friends and I can head out to a sunny field for a nude giant strawberry picnic

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normative life stage theories & developmental timelines presume cisness & straightness (in addition to class privilege, access to which is racially stratified, & ability); the idea that you will have already dated in high school, that you will find a spouse by roughly 26, and that you will spend your thirties raising school-age children is deeply straight.

gay and trans people have experiences of age as a social comparison that are completely unintelligible within heterosexual concepts of time.

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Poking at the charts for the equinox and the full moon (charts are for US Eastern Time). The thing that really stands out for me is the t-square with the moon, Jupiter, and the sun in both charts. The sun will also be crossing into Aries, and the moon into Libra.

A t-square is about an opposition between two planets that is “solved” by a third planet at 90° to both of them. The two great rulers of the heavens, the sun and moon, oppose each other at the full moon; Jupiter, the planet of growth, expansion, and good fortune, intercedes.

As the wheel turns, open up. Give. Love. Grow. It’s the answer to everything right now.

(Validate me validate me validate me thank you.)

Cards of the day! From the Seventh Sphere Lenormand, which is the deck that came traveling with me. The ship is journeys: arrivals, departures, all things unfamiliar. The tower is loneliness, isolation—also authority and institutions.

This feels very personal for me, since I’m traveling right now. It IS lonely, and I have a bad case of “you can’t go home again,” which happens every time, and makes me that much less keen to visit. Travel has this inherent isolating quality, both in doing it and having done it.

More broadly, there’s no way to take a journey except alone. Even if someone travels with you, your transformations can only ever be your own.

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Man being day crew is one thing and being “awake before dawn” crew is a whole nother.


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Ash channeled
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