Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

Look, magic is this:
- Focused willpower/desire
powered by
- energy
leading to
- manifestation

That. is. it. That is what it all comes down to. You can get into lots of specifics of how to get that energy, techniques for mental focus, window dressing that feels satisfying. ~Aesthetic~

**IF you want it**
**IF that's how you roll**

But it's not a requirement.

Magic is everyone's birthright. You can skip the ancient Greeks and the self-appointed sages. You don't need a book.

You are enough.

(This has mostly been a PSA from current Ash to Past and Future Ash.)

Rune-enchanted cant

I can talk about esoterica as metaphor, I can talk about magic as a way to play psychological tricks on yourself, but all of that intellectualizing fails in the face of the fact that I meditated on this sigil to activate it, and it felt like I was eating fire.

There’s an energetic reality to the world that I can’t rationalize, but talking about it sounds fairly mad unless you too have felt it.

whiteboys: *plays guitar*

strong, communist enbies: *annihilates on the Baroque Theorbo*

This is a long thread but I'm almost done. I saved the beat for last: LUNARPUNK
-harder, edgier, darker than solarpunks
-work with space, underwater, underground, late night construction
-much more of a metalic heavy color palette
-are you a goth who respects the solarpunk community but will never ever step within 100 feel of yellow/green/pink? LUNARPUNK.
-not the antithesis to solar, but the nocturnal compliment to solarpunk culture.
-mushrooms too, because they crave death and darkness just like you
-again i repeat BIOLUMINESCENCE
-bats and other creepy crawlies that get eeked at by those flimsy solarpunks are your biffles
-the ideals: the sun is not always there for us, and someone must sleep eventually. When those times come, lunarpunks get to work. Midnight construction, and the knowledge that we must accept all types into our way of life, or suffer the consequences of lack of diversity.

Witch culture is using appropriating the nice printer at work for your sigil work.

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talking to cishets about literally anything is so fucking exhausting

Cards of the day! The book and the whip, from the Seventh Sphere Lenormand.

The book in Lenormand is, well, a book. It represents knowledge—often knowledge that is non-obvious or hidden. Books can be hard to get and, also, you have to make the time to sit down and read them. In that sense, it also represents education and learning.

The whip is slightly less literal, and represents conflict. Combined with the book, it suggests harsh or unpleasant knowledge. Learning makes us better people. The PROCESS of learning, however, tends to suck.

Whatever you're learning, it's probably going to help you in the end. But: brace for impact.

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wild how the more ads and shit i remove from my life the happier i am

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Wanna have a bit of fun watching people get all confused while revealing society's inherent patriarchal bias?

Refer to your sewing machine as a 'power tool.'

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Much as our trans comrades are particularly well positioned to expose the inner workings of misogyny and male privilege, bi/pan people in superficially het relationships are in an ***AMAZING*** position to speak up, very clearly, and say:



💱 📼 🍵 🌷

trans people/enbies who use their assigned at birth pronouns are valid

Solarpunk but for people who kill every plant they touch.

Any divination method that you feel sufficiently comfortable and proficient with can and should drag you when you get off-track.

To wit, the cards of the day, from the Seventh Sphere Lenormand. The Star, as in tarot, represents hopes, dreams, and faith. The Coffin, much like tarot Death, is about endings, but also grief. And the snake is about desire, seduction, ambition, and wisdom.

I read this immediately as, "The death of hope is the beginning of wisdom." Or, stop dreaming, start doing. Be guided by earthly desires, not ethereal wishes. Get. Shit. Done.

I know what I've been putting off. Time to get back to it.

What about you?

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