Rune-enchanted cant

These are my published novels to date! The Rituals of Rock Bay series features contemporary Pagan characters who navigate life, love, and magic in Upstate NY. Available in Ebook and Paperback from @shadowspark.

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On the plus side, my husband brought home a locally-made evergreen wreathe for the door. Hanging it is always a special ritual for me.

I’m hoping to get some revisions in this weekend, but between visiting family and my daughter’s holiday dance show... We’ll see how I feel tonight, but I’m exhausted from work. Now I’m full of mashed potatoes and just want to go to sleep...

Just added two Winter Solstice designs to my threadless shop - now there's TWO Yule Goats (the Festive Goat and the Bucca Lucia) and the "Illuminate the Dark" Witch Hat -

My birthday is coming up, and I've once more decided to make The Nutcracker ballet a part of it! Been too long since we've taken our daughter to the theater, and she LOVES this show. Very excited to choose experiences over things for my celebration.

Promised my kiddo we'd put up the Winter Solstice tree later. Time to tidy up the living room...

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“Two distinctly different cultures met. One thought they must control life; the other believed life was to be enjoyed, because nature decreed it.”

— Wamsutta James

From his suppressed speech:


Time to get some revisions in before I do the family thing.

Going out to play in the snow was the absolute best decision. The news is awful, and I sometimes feel powerless against it all. I try to make impacts by voting, writing to my reps, teaching kindness and critical thinking to my students and child. Taking a breath is also key. Going outside and enjoying life with my kiddo is key. We went sledding and built a snow person. 💚

Tried to verify my website with the code thingy but I guess it didn't work?

I really am Ditzy Druid / M. A. Phillips, author of The Rituals of Rock Bay series!

Offerings given. Trying to get back into my revisions but now I need more tea... Always something to distract me. #Writing #AmRevising #Writer #Pagan

Falling into beauty, no matter how heartbreaking this world…

I breathe. And look again.


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My daughter loves to make tea with herbs I've taught her about from our garden, especially lavender and a little bit of mugwort for dream time. She's so proud of what she's learned!

Since I'm actively revising, I'm finding more snippets to share from my #WIP "Plant Lady."

"Fern was used to being overlooked, just like her namesake in the woods, overshadowed by flashier flowers and trees. But Paul noticed her…"

My latest manuscript follows an urban witch as she works to reclaim a family greenhouse while learning how to forgive and embrace intimate love again.

Coming out in 2023 through @shadowspark .

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Winding down with a warm mug of rooibos tea. One of my favorites! ☕

Today was long, but we have another snow day tomorrow! Yay!

Trans rights are human rights. Everyday, not just on Transgender Day of Remembrance. Sending love and support to all my trans friends. You are loved, sacred, and your life matters. We fight for the dead. We fight harder for those alive. 🏳️‍⚧️

Trans Day of Remembrance altar, Portland, Oregon.
The grief feels especially heavy today.

Please, celebrate your friends and siblings who are alive.

#lgbtqia #TransDayOfRemembrence

Tonight we did "breakfast for dinner."

It was glorious! 🥞

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