Rune-enchanted cant

These are my published novels to date! The Rituals of Rock Bay series features contemporary Pagan characters who navigate life, love, and magic in Upstate NY. Available in Ebook and Paperback from @shadowspark.

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“In the name of Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, my wealth will grow, and I will achieve my goals,” she whispered forcefully.

Fern is determined to regain her grandparents' old garden nursery, and she'll use every tool in her arsenal to achieve her dream!

As a young witch, she has much to learn about life and love. Sometimes magic works in unexpected ways. Wealth can take many forms, and our childhood ambitions often evolve as we age.

Read her story in my upcoming #WitchLit novel, PLANT LADY, coming in autumn of 2023 through @shadowsparkpub!

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Revising my #WitchLit story about a Pagan woman who runs a plant shop in Upstate NY.

Do you ever doubt yourself as a writer, doubt your story, then reread a chapter and find yourself cheering for your character? Yeah. That's such a good feeling. #WritingCommunity

Finally getting some snow after days of unseasonably warm temperatures here in Northern NY. Maybe I'll finally get to take that ski lesson?

I really need to check this place more often... Spending my Sunday tidying the home and baking some of my late grandmother's muffins.

"Her room flamed with the sunset, becoming a bonfire to burn away the old year and officially remake the couple."

My newest novel, 𝓟𝓵𝓪𝓷𝓽 𝓛𝓪𝓭𝔂, officially comes out at the end of October this year through @shadowsparkpub! It features a witch who owns a plant shop, a circle of supportive Pagan friends, and a second-chance romance. I can't wait for you to enjoy my newest #WitchLit romance!

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My daughter helped me bless the house with some purifying water and incense. (I carried the latter.) She gets so excited to help me with folk magic.

Gosh, this has been such a difficult month healthwise in my family. First my dad's emergency surgery, then news of my MiL's cancer, and today I learned my (distant) uncle is having kidney failure. My cousin called to say they're taking him off life support.

What a tragic whirlwind of a week. Hug your loved ones. You just never know.

If you're looking to finish your 2022 reading goals or get a start on 2023, I've got some romantic #WitchLit to consider!

My publisher is having a sale on eBooks via Amazon this weekend only to celebrate the New Year!
If you've been curious about my Rituals of Rock Bay series and enjoy the convenience of an eReader, now is the time! River Magic, Hearth Magic, and Forest Magic are each 99 cents!

Joyous Yuletide fellow Pagans. With the blizzard, I'm relaxing at home. The last few years, we've had Chinese or Indian takeout for dinner, but I don't think that's happening this year! ❄️
Happy 7th Day of Hanukkah (I believe) to my Jewish friends.🕎
Merry Christmas to my Christian friends and family.🎅
Here's one of my favorite Winter Solstice songs celebrating the fact that we can all come together in love, kindness, and acceptance. I miss seeing my family today even though we have different religious traditions.

Hunkering down with my tea, slipper socks, bath robe, and corn pillow.

Hello from Northern NY! Everything is coated in snow, and the blizzard is still blowing outside. Total travel ban unless you're a plow or emergency responder. Bless those people! Everyone else, stay off the roads!

It's still not too late to order from and make today's post and before Xmas arrival!

I ship 6 days a week, often with same day and almost ALWAYS next day ship.

You get your items FAST with SpellFire

“Mastodon is people!”
— Charlton Heston

If you’re new here like I am, please consider making a donation to your Instance mods for the increased server and time costs associated with the massive influx of the past month.

Many Instances have a way to make one-time (if you’re still testing the waters) or monthly (if you’re committed to sticking around a bit) donations.

This is a volunteer run place.

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To my Jewish friends: May your candles blaze in the darkness. May your light shine in strength and beauty.

As a non-Jew, I will continue to confront anti-Semitism, xenophobia, fascism, and hatred to the best of my ability, until there is more love and justice in this world.

#Chanukah #Hanukkah #AntiFascist

My grove’s Winter Solstice ritual switched from an in-person to a virtual event due to inclement weather and illness among members. Still, I had a lovely time with grovemates. I set up a temporary altar on the porch so I could safely use loose incense. Chilly but worth it! Looking forward to my family observation on the 21st and 22nd. #WinterSolstice #Yuletide #Yule #Pagan #PagansOfInstagram #Druid #Druidry #DruidsOfInstagram

Today's Color: Gold. The Holidays can be a rough time, even for the most jovial. If you are feeling off, burn a homemade simmer pot, take a day off work or set up an energy crystal grid. Self care is put on the back burner way too often. Sometimes you have to demand your own time

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