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So I literally have no idea what I'm doing bc I'm super new to this whole thing... but here's a video I just posted amid a project of moving through the tarot in my life for a year or so and I figure it'll be a good enough introduction youtu.be/RMoTM9ylojY

lmao someone from the gamer instance reported a witches user for "racism" for posting that white genocide is good. lmfao ok gamers

me going into the admin panel to protect the witches userbase

Lord Dionysus channeled

introduction (boosts welcomed!) 

i may not post on here a lot but i am looking at notifications. please feel free to reach out to me if you have an issue, i strive to be approachable!

okay if you're gonna report a witches user please include a note so i can have a single clue what's going on i just scrolled through a few days worth of toots looking for the bad one and couldnt find anything

there's nothing offensive or bad its just. why would you report that.

just got my first mod report and its absolutely baffling why someone would take offense to it

just want to say that I agree with Nadia and if i feel it isn't being taken seriously or that im being tokenized i will step down

screenshot dunk 

@SunSaint that's way above my paygrade im still trying to find the admin tab lol

the stuff that happened the other day was by all measures pretty bad. i will not apologize or excuse it. that's part of why i agreed to be taken on the admin team. if you have any issues with anyone on the instance please feel free to come to me :) i hope to be an approachable mod!

Lord Dionysus channeled

@witchy@radical.town if anyone wants to voice their concerns or whatever, please feel free to contact me or @Dionysus about it!

Lord Dionysus channeled

hey so if y'all have seen the post, you'll know that i'm gonna help admin witches.live. i know that the whole situation AND how it was handled with the racial slurs was awful and unacceptable and i want witches.live to do better than that in the future. for now i'll be keeping both this account but maining on radtown @witchy@radical.town but feel free to contact me on both instances if you have any issues. like anna said i 100% have and will continue to call her on her shit and make this a better place, since a lot of people on here deserve a space where they feel safe and heard and validated.

Lord Dionysus channeled

one thing i hope they can also bring to the table is that i know i can be pretty intimidating, and sometimes people dont want to tell me things for fear of that i'll... be anna about it i dont know. im A Lot, i get it.

so if anyone, for any reason, on w.l or otherwise wants to talk to an official mouthpiece for w.l, hit up @bewitchyourmind and/or @Dionysus as they both know me well enough to call me on my shit, and they will, and that is why i picked them :witchyfly:

Lord Dionysus channeled

greetings, coven! blessed be or whatever! i have exciting news for today :)

after recent... events its becoming clear that i'm about at my limit for being able handle everything around here, and need a couple more people to help keep an eye on things due to my limitations of being but one witch, and a white dipshit at that.

as such i am very pleased to introduce our new LATINX ENBY POWER ADMIN DUO, @bewitchyourmind and @Dionysus !

they are both great friends i've worked with a lot, and also very importantly are as extremely online as i am which will be a great help keeping things safe

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