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the fucking scooters are coming back to Portland tomorrow. so, i'm just gonna leave this here

I'm too thicc for compression shorts and I'm not even that thicc

Friendly reminder: In a world where so many people are cruel for the sake of it, the most punk thing you can do is to be kind without expecting anything in return.

beltane is coming up soon! download my spring witch zine for witchy tips and a bit of info on how you can celebrate :blobwizard:

the zine is free/pay what you want! boosts are always appreciated 🖤


what do u mean u aren’t constantly thinking about frog and toad and hope that they are happy

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Someone smells like really strong soap or deodorant, kudos for smelling good late in the day tho

We should all be pirates and do what we want. Like sharing scientific studies and learning material. And leaving it in places for people to educate themselves. :D


Honestly I was really excited to go home and go to bed but I'm probably not getting home until like 9:00 so that sucks

Maybe some political writings too? Just real nonjudgmental kinda space to just hangout and talk about nice words and shit

I don't know how well I could do full books tbh, my adhd is badddd these days, but maybe if I had the pressure of reading something so I could talk about it with others

Being non-binary, I've used a lot of avatars, both gendered and neutral over the past decade of social media. And any time I present as even vaguely female, people seem much more eager to jump into my mentions to tell me that I'm wrong. Much more aggressively so, I might add.

Just an observation.

Kinda wanna join/create an internet book club, except where articles and graphic novels are a big part. Like I wanna read smaller and interesting stuff along with bigger books and look at them with others?

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