Aside from daily tarot, my research project, and nerding out about long term timekeeping based on observable celestial phenomenon, the house cleansing ritual has been the most active thing I've done since digging into my beliefs, and it was hella empowering. I still feel more at ease and am looking forward to the future more then I have been for a long time. I'm even revisiting some musings I had set aside as something to work on after getting settled in.

First though is going to be completing the move and figuring out a welcoming/blessing , and it'll be especially important since my first night in my new home will be on the ! 🌝

Anxiety, techbro 

This can become MUCH more interesting when you consider that these rings can be more easily influenced by outside forces, and could thus be hooked up to a light grid (al la old sco fo computer walls) to make or used as a meaningful source of entropy in preforming digital !

stuff is cool and I need to start digging into my electronics books and tools πŸ˜πŸ€“πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

Instead of sleeping, I'm thinking about how one would use data storage in a or other practice. πŸ€”
My first thought was that floppy drives might be fun, but there's a lot of technical overhead with extra hardware and such. Cutting complexity out feels important.
While thinking about magnetic storage I remember Core Memory, the first analog computer storage! Tiny ferrite rings with loops of wire make for a single bit of memory. These can be (painstakingly) made by hand and interfaced with other devices! Not efficient, but simpler and with potential to be custom arranged into spiritually meaningful grids!

Rough first pass, going to play with finishing settings and infill to make it nicer.

I was offered a stand at a craft show next year; providing I can get permission from the designer and if this were finished, painted, and on a necklace, would you be interested or buying it? Along with gender/pronoun hemp bracelets with the corresponding flag color beads woven in?
Should this get crafty? πŸ˜…

This is relevant to my interests as a

: Plants that Sing

Have you ever wondered what your dog or cat would say to you if they could talk? How about your plant? In this episode we explore the world of and .

More tokens printed while I was working πŸ‘

So, what if tokens, but... ? πŸ€”

I'll need to, what, make sigils in and then export and extrude them in a 3d program, and the slice and print...

Hello! Im walking my path as an urban/city and figuring out my spiritual connections after two decades of not knowing what to call my beleifs. Im living and working as a in the Ohio River Valley and learning to find a better balance between my always online reclusiveness and wanting to experience a world under an open sky 🌝🌞
I love exploring and interacting with complex systems of all types and many manifestations, from computer networks to mechanical puzzles, to star charts and hidden data in the world around us πŸ“Š
I'm also learning and unlearning coping strategies for anxiety and depression πŸ˜…

This project brings very relevant and interesting questions to my investigations.
While I can see some saying "yes this is satire and technology and magic, divine or otherwise, shouldn't work together", I also point out that there are those that point to the rituals and beliefs these are inspired by and say simply that there is no magic to begin with.
A neat project for sure, and I think provoking good questions for and against , , and . πŸ‘

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