Not exactly , but TIL the of Orlando is also bishop of the , due to a canon law that says "any newly discovered territory would fall under the bishopric from whence the discovering expedition departed." His is therefore the largest Catholic diocese, at over 14,000,000 square miles.

Started reading Ways of Being Religious and already I'm seeing my conceptions and thoughts on change.
Like, what if instead of thinking about and energies as divine and other worldly, what if they just represent a different taxonomy, something nearly invisible or unseen, in the same way that or macro ecological connections were unknown until we developed ways, tools, means, and patience of looking very closely at the world around us. What if we treat the as an the same as a forest, field, or underwater ecosystem? πŸ€” β›©

More tokens printed while I was working πŸ‘

So, what if tokens, but... ? πŸ€”

I'll need to, what, make sigils in and then export and extrude them in a 3d program, and the slice and print...

Still really considering a light circle πŸ€” I'm still doing a lot of history research, I haven't even started on practices, but this idea speaks to me.

I really like the icon I chose to use here because it's meeting for the first time and her expression fully embodies my feelings of I have for partners when they meet someone new or tell me about a great date they had.
Its the same kind of energy I'm trying to give myself everyday as I discover my beliefs.

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