Heckin A 🀣 this person has already made an shield with core memory, you don't even have to make it yourself! Combine that with a led matrix shield and you have a sigil generator! Now I have to do it, or at the very least see just how feasible such a thing would be πŸ€“


I'm supposed to be working but all I can think about is How am I going to implement a chart that tracks your position to the relative placements of the sun and moon at any given time and then provide a meaningful indicator or feedback, in ?! I mean, it might be easier to do in , but I'm bad at developing in any programing language πŸ™„
Oh, and I want to add hyperlocal and regional weather information too? πŸ˜‘

I wonder if charging/powering an with a solar panel produces better results?

I feel like wall energy might be, I don't know, dirty or contaminated, either by its production method (coal, nuclear, etc) or something happening to it in transit? πŸ€” It would be easier to cleanse a small lithium battery then the wiring in your house, but some charms and sigils on the outlets/wall warts might help in a pinch... ⚑

Also the idea of an at the center of an alter, hooked up to a quartz crystal, microphone, IR sensor, etc so it can pick up the sound of a singing bowl and the heat of burning incense :summoning_circle:


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