I wanted to share my space today. The soft light and soft colors give the space a warm comfortable glow and I like being around it.
The banner styled after prayer flags adds color and shapes I like, and the singing bowl in the center gives me a clear focus when before a draw. The soft warm light from the salt lamps are comforting, and again the geometric shapes bring me calm. The card mat features a , not of branching paths but a single, long winding path like those in Gothic cathedrals and is reminiscent of swirls dating back to prehistoric cave art, thought to guide and focus journeys.

I don't think of this space as an alter. I don't make offerings, I don't recognize a specific pantheon or gods in my practice. I've created a space that speaks to my own ways of thinking, my own intuition and quirks, and as I've pieced in together it's helped me focus a little more and further find items that contribute to the space.
This is my warm little nook where I can quite my anxious noisy mind and listen to a little random advice, not overthink the draw and follow that first though when I see the cards, hopefully in a direction I can better myself even just a little bit. 😌

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