Rune-enchanted cant

I now lay claim to my new kingdom!
With Purified Water I cast out goblins!
With Air and Sage I banished out demons!
With Earth and Salt I routed out gremlins!
With Fire and Light I chased away negative energies!
Already I can feel the space open up, room made for blessings and mirth, bounty and joy, friends and growth. The key to the kingdom is in hand, and the path ahead full of potential.

Rune-enchanted cant

Hello! Im walking my path as an urban/city and figuring out my spiritual connections after two decades of not knowing what to call my beleifs. Im living and working as a in the Ohio River Valley and learning to find a better balance between my always online reclusiveness and wanting to experience a world under an open sky 🌝🌞
I love exploring and interacting with complex systems of all types and many manifestations, from computer networks to mechanical puzzles, to star charts and hidden data in the world around us πŸ“Š
I'm also learning and unlearning coping strategies for anxiety and depression πŸ˜…

Six of Coins, reversed, representing charity. Ignoring obligations and commitments.

... [cont] We will have to be capable of transforming our bodies fully, so that we can use the subtle cosmic and planetary energies for food. This is our next evolutionary step. It is rumored that there are even some humans who might wish to join us in this are you one of them?"

THE MOON SPEAKS "Yes, I am the first Dragon to have completed a flight to the Moon and back, and although I have yet to complete my destination by getting back to the Palace, I feel a great sense of completion in having completed my mission. I have been brought up from birth to accomplish the task of getting my people ready for the great leap into space which we know is our next evolutionary step. To be trapped here on earth is a terrible limitation for us. Yet for ages we have looked for a way to make your return. To be fully prepared will require more from us than mere flight power. [cont]...

Today's draw is The Moon :moon_tarot_card: πŸŒ–

Between the twin pillars of initiation, a regal Dragon of interplanetary flight rests beside the flowing stream which leads down from the waterfall. It looks back at the Moon, from where it has made its Journey. Tired, it clears space on the ground so that it can rest and sleep. and, in sleep, begin to dream.

DIVINATORY MEANING Completion, fulfillment. The end of a major cycle. The world of dreams.

ADDITIONAL TRIGGERS Pisces, symbol of sensitivity


Reddit was talking about the disuse of the Wonka brand and bursts into song and really that isn't a bad way to start the day πŸ˜‚πŸŽ€


Astrology is so fun to me now that I let myself enjoy it, I'm at the point where I don't care if something is "real" or not as long as it's interesting (and healthy n shit)

Me, previously and last night: Banish the darkness, bless this ground! 🌝✨

Me, this morning in bare feet: WTF is all this salt on the floor 🀨

How very appropriate a card to draw on my first day in my new castle 🏰 😊 Certainly not a pass to slack off, but a reminder that constant work and upkeep are needed to hold a kingdom, or any endeavor, together. Different types of strength and luck can lead to prosperity, and working towards them is the best way to achieve success. ✌️

THE EMPEROR SPEAKS "I am the Emperor, in charge of the highest level of game-play here in Dragonland. Ihave achieved my position not through any system of inheritance, but through my own will-power and determination. It was in this way that the original leaders of your people were ever chosen. Because you moved away from that natural selection process, your civilization declined. Now I stand in charge: I rule!"

Today's draw is The Emperor :emperor_tarot_card:

The Emperor sits on a throne, emphasizing his superiority over all other Dragons, bar his compatriot the Empress. In one hand he holds the Martian symbol of the orb with arrow, showing his association with the dynamic powers of action. His color is red, for blood, for fire, for the basic elements of energy. He is master over all realms of doing

DIVINATORY MEANING The struggle for personal independence.

ADDITIONAL TRIGGERS The Rune Feoh, suggesting cattle, or wealth. On the right, the symbol of Aries, symbol of independence and leadership.

Smile, breathe and go slowly. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

There's a thunderstorm on the horizon giving us a show




Tonight I'm have dinner with the moon and wowzers are they a beauty tonight. Wish I had a camera that could take a good photo to share

Ok, nevermind the poll, big orb energy is happening. Blessings and then food πŸŒπŸ”

Ok I've made it and I'm in my new apartment. The last time I was here I did a cleansing ritual and things feel preaty clean still.

I'm exhausted, do I do a welcoming blessing tonight or tomorrow morning? The full moon is at about 830am πŸ˜’

πŸ’ƒ there is now a moms instance, too πŸ’ƒ 

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