Rune-enchanted cant

I wanted to share my space today. The soft light and soft colors give the space a warm comfortable glow and I like being around it.
The banner styled after prayer flags adds color and shapes I like, and the singing bowl in the center gives me a clear focus when before a draw. The soft warm light from the salt lamps are comforting, and again the geometric shapes bring me calm. The card mat features a , not of branching paths but a single, long winding path like those in Gothic cathedrals and is reminiscent of swirls dating back to prehistoric cave art, thought to guide and focus journeys.

Rune-enchanted cant

Hello! Im walking my path as an urban/city and figuring out my spiritual connections after two decades of not knowing what to call my beleifs. Im living and working as a in the Ohio River Valley and learning to find a better balance between my always online reclusiveness and wanting to experience a world under an open sky 🌝🌞
I love exploring and interacting with complex systems of all types and many manifestations, from computer networks to mechanical puzzles, to star charts and hidden data in the world around us πŸ“Š
I'm also learning and unlearning coping strategies for anxiety and depression πŸ˜…

damn yall weren't kidding about the moon wtf that bitch is bright

pro tip on good settings to change from their default on

@Crazypedia the worst part about this isn't that they got to eat their own keyboard. No. It's that they got to use peertube.


πŸ€” Twitch plays: 3D printer edition. Chat commands control the xyz motion and extruder πŸ–¨οΈ

psst... witches... the full moon has imbued certain html runes such as marquee and font...

czech it out

So Jack wants to develop a federated status protocol and pivot Twitter into being some kind of aggregation platform for his vision of the fediverse.

This fills me with dread TBH because this is how megacorps destroy open alternatives to their centralized crap. They claim they want to build a better version "for the people", add support for the open standard, grab a bunch of users/content, then re-centralize themselves.

XMPP almost saw actual usable adoption when Google did it, then they closed the gates.

These were just shown to me and I love them 😍 each deck has 15 women that changed the world, appearing in each suite. They're playing cards, not tarot cards, so do with that what you will. I'm considering the uncut sheets as posters πŸ‘€

The Woman Cards

I heard I was mentioned on hacker news.

anyway @cwebber (or any other particular person) is not the cause of whatever problems AP has. while leaving many sections of the spec non-normative has caused problems, this really isn't the fault of any particular person. standardization, especially in a group with diverse experiences, views and goals is a difficult task.

the real reason AP is in the bad security position it is in, is because of the users who have demanded security features that are impossible to deliver securely in a federated environment given the capabilities of the protocol. that extreme pressure (for example calling anyone who does not want to implement features that cannot be done securely a Nazi) has lead to developers doing insecure things. and now we see the culmination of y'all's work on this, don't we?

I want every shitty tech op-ed writer that did a peice about how mastodon was doomed or dead to post a video on of themself eating their own keyboard πŸ˜ πŸ™„

Twitter's decentralization play 


Moon, caps 🌝 

Hi, I'm Apple! I'm still pretty active on Tumblr but I've been trying to get my feet in other social networks, thus my finding my way here. Looking for writers and witches to follow!

Another impression I read from this particular layout is the Knight of Wands full of energy ready to lead a precession or even parade with the blessing of the Empress and under a good omen from the Oracle. Perhaps the celebration is for the solstice, or the full moon, or both?

Whew, what a draw today! One card from each of my favorite decks, definitely something new and not what I'll do every day, but a and close to the solstice seems to allow for it. I'll probably do it again tomorrow.

So, the overall impression I'm getting from the three cards are action, creative and protective energy and power, and a sense of churning harmony, like an orchestrated chaos. It's saying to Get Out There And Do The Thing. Whatever it is, do it, the time is right. Shortened daylight hours mean more hang time for the 's influence, so take advantage of that!

I for one shall strap in and seize the day πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈπŸŒ

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