Rune-enchanted cant

I don't think I ever did an intro, so lets do that.

I'm Cowwan, but feel free to use my real name, Travis. I mostly use he/him pronouns, but they/them is also good.

Please tell me if I say something dumb or insensitive, I try my best not to, but I still stumble into being a hurtful dumbass sometimes.

I'm 30, amab, queer, and pansexual.

I've realized those last two in the last few months, but I think those are an accurate way to describe myself.

I spend a lot of my time touching computers and watching trash anime, but I can get pretty into just about anything if the right mood strikes me.

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I love when i wake up at 2am for whatever reason and my brain decides the nothing in my doorway is an 8 foot tall person.

That was quite the experience the first time it happened.

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Either my usb enclosure or this ssd is making a hissing noise.

I don't think it's supposed to make a hissing noise.

My current electronics project isn't as bad as it looks I promise.

(I'm harvesting the VRM off a dead gtx480 so I can use it to run something else)

The usb ports on this dell are so fucking weird.

Everything works in the bios menu, everything worked in the Ubuntu installer. If I boot into ubtuntu nothing works until some random point in time a few minutes later when I'm trying to figure out what's wrong.

She Ra spoilers 

btw, don't blame me if you copy this and burn down your house or whatever.

Here's a dumb hack I did that seemed to help a thing:

I was getting some real bad coil whine from my graphics card, some people online suggested psu ripple would aggravate it. So, I lopped off the daisy chain connectors for my pci-e power connecters and added some filter caps in their place.It seems to have helped.

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what is it with websites not loading fully until 0.5s after you've given up and clicked away

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why is newegg literally the only online store that will post a picture of the back of a monitor

3 side-view photos and one TOP view, but no photos of the ports on the back, what the fuck are you doing staples

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I feel a desperate need to
CREATE something, but alas, I have no talent.

She-ra takes 

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I watch planet chaser starlight excellent all day every day.

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the thing about the vengabus is that its one of those eternal constants of nature, it isnt even specific to our universe, it arises out of mathematics itself

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One thing I really love that my boss does is give vague project requirements and then never provide more details about what's needed, which mostly just leads to a lot of extra rework or the thing not getting done at all, I think it's a very effective leadership style

Funny jokes from the people subbing Precure (this show is a decade old, this still hasn't happened)

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Makes me want to fucking scream. Capitalism ruined computing just like it ruins everything and I'm so fucking tired of it. But at least people could stop pretending that it isn't happening.

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