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hmmm, just got a news notification saying "Theresa May says Brexit "may never happen at all" if MPs reject her deal". which to me VERY MUCH looks like May realising a no deal is the only thing happening here, and setting up for the eventuality of actually going for the suicidal no deal, or pulling the plug on Brexit. understanding how suicidal a no deal is, the alternative is to just say well no Brexit then. but, she can't just make it look like she, and her government, were the ones to stop Brexit, which a large portion of the country and her support base still want, so she's finding a group to pin it on, the commons. those dastardly MPs!

and of course, you know which MPs they're going to attempt to stick this to, they're going to attempt to stick this to Labour first and foremost. as for how that'll affect internal Tory politics? who knows. Labour seem to be the ones intent upon a self disembowelment as of right now, but it's hardly like everything is all hunkydory over with the conservative party

I'm not saying Brexit is not happening, I'm saying that it looks as if May is setting up for a quick way to pass of the sheer dumbfuckery of Brexit and say no, it could have worked, if only the MPs had let her try it. but, we're approaching ever closer to B-day (ha, get it, it's like D-day... but for Brexit... ha, I'm funny) and she has to do something. nobody but a select blind few genuinely believe that a no deal Brexit would just work fine, economically and politically it would just be so fucking stupid that it's not even worth it for short term political clout, when come next election you'll get kicked out for fucking the country

@CornishRepublicanArmy She can pin it on me. As long as my family are well taken care of... I do live in Right-Wingers-Murder-Remain-Supporters land.

@CornishRepublicanArmy is "no deal" brexit just like, leaving with no concessions for anything?

@anna no, it's leaving with literally no trade deals negotiated, no Irish border situation sorted out so it defaults to a hard border with checks and visas and all that. basically, treating us as if we're like any other country with no previous relations with the EU who have to negotiate everything from square 1. we can't afford that as the EU is an internal trade bloc and so it's where like where most of our exports go and where most of our financial ties are. also the last time they split Ireland in two with a hard border... well we all know what happened, the EU was a HUGE part of the good friday agreement in that there was no border due to the EU

@CornishRepublicanArmy With about three weeks before B-day I expect there's going to be a lot of misinformation and fights between the remainers and exiters. So unless some statement is obviously coming from the government or some official EU source I'd be inclined to disbelieve it.

Unless there's a last minute intervention by the deep state no deal is certain, and that's like dropping the mic and walking away with nothing resolved. It's not as bad as declaring war on France, and trade will continue but on an adhoc basis.
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