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Shout out to those two actual fucking Hegelians I used to know. Not socialists, not Marxists too i to Hegel, straight up fucking Hegelians. They accepted the critiques of capitalism, BUT then instead of abolition, their idea was 'super capitalism'. To make everybody bourgeoisie, and thus through that abolish class. It's like the worst idea ever, and I loved how insane it was.

They were smart guys for sure, smarter than me any day, and so people used to worship the ground the walked on. These supposed communists were kissing the asses of two guys saying that capitalism could be made the great equaliser via some revolution.

WHO THE FUCK IS A HEGELIAN IN THIS DAY AND AGE?!?! Not even I could be that damn obscuritant

@CornishRepublicanArmy i went on a date with a maoist third worldist hegelian radfem. it did not end well

@CornishRepublicanArmy most of our okcupid messages were her calling me a shitty writer who should find a different path in life and then her linking me her undergraduate thesis on the surrealist manifesto

@MrJimmy @CornishRepublicanArmy a month later i found her (she has a very unique name) facebook commenting on RAIM (lol)'s post sharing a shitty alyx mayer (fuck her) post about how you're really whatever gender you're perceived as and that's what we should REALLY analyze people as

So much if this is over my head, I'm just so offended that she would have the nerve to call you a bad writer, fuck I barely know what we're talking about, I'm just worked up about that one thing.

She sounds like a fuckin real piece of work...

@CornishRepublicanArmy Reminder that Hegel rejected the theory of evolution, because it contradicted his idea of a fixed unchanging hierarchy of species, of which humans were at the top.

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