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I've always wantes a little growing patch of my own. Be it a farm, a field or so much as a garden, just having somewhere to work the soil and produce things in a sustainable way and maybe have a little something for myself at the end of it. I have a garden atm, which is very rare for London, but its communal with the other people who live in the same block of flats as me and I don't trust the neighbours kids to not dig them up or destroy them tbh, those kids are right shits at times. The old guy who lives below me used to garden, but then he got too old for it. When I was a wee one me and the other kids would help him garden, it was always a fun thing

@CornishRepublicanArmy Go for it! You might be pleasantly surprised. I took over an abandoned garden in a Glasgow tenement and that started the most positive interactions with neighbours of any of our homes there.

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