Enter discipleship

Me: ok here's why we need a revolution to overthrow capitalism. Oh, amd here's how the Russian, Chinese, German and all libetarian revolutions ever have failed to do that.

Other people: ok Lucy, so then what do we do?

Me: *scrambles through stacks of notes* uhhhh, hmmm, fuck, see- well my idea was- uhhh. We just put the good people in charge and hope it works out?

Analysis I can do, turning that into a workable theory that isn't just idealism is something I can't do like at all lol. It just comes down to "idk, just make sure the best communists are in power and keep that?"

And then the immediate question becomes, well who are the good communists? Who are The Incorruptible expression of the general will? I joke about it being me but I'm just some dip shit 20 year old crazy lady, so the answer I got is idk on the front either lol. I can critique why x group or person is a bad fit but by god can I not answer "what is to be done?"

And this is why my girlfriend Petra is a liberal reformists. Work with the devil we have with some gradualism than have another Mao, Stalin, Robespierre, Toussaint Louverture... ect. thousands to millions will die, 'justified' or not, and you've gotta have an airtight plan uf you want to play that game. Without an airtight plan you get the decay of the revolution and the death of it's ideals and goals with men like Napoleon

And this is why I read that theory and investigate revolutions and revolutionary movements, because my brain tells me if I feed in exponentially more deep and complex analysis and critique an answer might come


I would argue that the ‘degeneration’ - and ultimately the collapse - of near every socialist state is the result of bureaucratization and imperialism.

‘Why socialist states collapse’ and ‘how atrocities are justified’ are related questions, to me.

Why was the Soviet Union overturned, but Cuba never was? How did they survive the collapse of the entire bloc?

I don’t think the USSR was ever as evil as the United States - but we shouldn’t go the way of Stalin, either.

Hold on, I'll be able to answer this long form soon. Ok so, kinda yeah but also no. The degridation if the USSR was due to beaurecrats, but those came into power because literally, the revolutionaries, as in the class conciousness proletariat, pretty much all died by 1923 so there was nothing but the state and the party


If your revolutionaries (i.e. individuals) dying is what dooms the project, then Cuba is on its way out and there's no hope for the rest of us.

So I hope to God that's not why.

I do agree with bureaucratization as a limited explanation. But more the separation of those bureaucrats from the rest of the working class - and their consolidation AS A SEPARATE CLASS.

It's also my explanation for why 'the withering away of the State' never happened/happens.

(sorry for caps - needed emphasis)

No, you're right about the 'Nomenklatura', new class. They took the position of the bourgeoisie. I'm asking for the abolition of class, as Marx does too, that is communism. And i hope Cuba does decay! They have class, they have private property, they have commodity production, they have everything Marx lays out in Capital as being what Capitalism and the Capitalist mode of production is


Thanks for the word!
Formalization of the managerial class

I would disagree on Cuba, though.

It's definitely not capitalist but it's not fully socialist, either.

Private property is exchangeable per Marx. And property in Cuba doesn't have that. You can't sell your house for money, or own another person's.

They're a commodity economy but that alone doesn't constitute capitalism. Capitalism is a particular, historically determined mode built around commodity production, but also around a property relation where one class owns the means of production and it's product, and another works it for just a part of that pay.

Banking and merchant capital existed long before that.



Che was extremely critical of the Soviet Union and Soviet Bloc's model for socialism.

And so was Mao, though that was more around foreign policy than economy.

The top-down management isn't something I'm for. If we want a dictatorship of the working class - then the working class is who should be managing their own economy. And that means bringing them into governance, or bringing governance down into the whole of the people.

The 2018 Constitutional Process is a good example of what that can look like. But more so it's proof that the Cuban people still see Communism as the goal, and themselves as the most important part of that process.

The reforms of the Special Period did a lot of good and bad - towards and away from that.


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