flash drive. thumb drive. pen drive. media stick. USB stick. USB. USB mass storage device. USB key. USB memory. memory stick. jump drive. data dongle. pocket SSD. flash disquette. universal serial bus version two point oh compliant portable solid state drive media

Enter discipleship

@lynnesbian I just call em fuck sticks, 'cause they never go in the hole properly first time

@lynnesbian fank you very much love, that gets me jam tart right goin'

@CornishRepublicanArmy fack yeah love youre a fine sheila ay why dontcha hitch a ride in me ute and we'll head back to mine for a quick root

@lynnesbian by the end of 2019 feels like I'll be dating half of Australia... which isn't that many considering there's like 20 people there

@lynnesbian @Elizafox lesbian polycule of all of the poor white subcultures. Bogans, chavs, cockneys, gopniks,rednecks ect

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