not gonna mass DM or anything but I've struggled over deliberating what to do and have decided to move, at least for now. I'm over at @noemi if you want to follow me over.

i wish the best for all the witches choosing to stay, including anna

@themorgangoats i love extremist sports, like tying landlords to a pair of skis and giving them a nice helpful push,

my bones are cybones now...what have I become??????


shower pissing 

@velexiraptor C stands for Cis, which is why even after adding two plusses it's still bad

EXTREME ableism 

i'm a simple enby. i see the word "loot", i run away as fast as possible

autism/depression - 

mh, instance 


Pictured: A loving parent carrying their astral baby to term

@Lazuli i didn't look very closely at all and assumed she was doing some sort of bit until she went nuclear on being teased for the spanish ghost monarch thing

:drake_dislike: sans undertobe is ness

:drake_like: sans underwere is emil

:heart_nb: NB Noemi :heart_nb: channeled
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