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firearms, hunting 

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firearms, references to sexuality 

A Bunch of Philosophers and Activists Who Want the Best for Everyone


The Lumpenproletariat and Six Rich Fucks

NOW FEATURING: Authoritarians, as Contagonist

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I'm the one dentist in five who disagrees. My thick carapace is festooned with the broken harpoons of those who came before you, trying to change my mind about chewing gum. Try your luck, oh fool, and I'll bury you in Poseidon's flower bed.

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Customer service? My job is word problems with extra problem sauce.

In the USA, a typical person has $60000 of debt by the end of their life. Your overall net wealth is very likely to be a negative number, after living to get into debt and perpetually paying it back. Over an entire human lifetime, most people in the richest country the world has ever known, will effectively own nothing and earn less than nothing.

And yet, the idea persists that communism is bad because it means that “you can’t own anything.”

You don’t own anything now.

@mxsiege like, I know that's probably a block of ice...

but my brain is like "nah those two are a lesbian power couple and are loading up a huge ass magitek crystal into a speakeasy for the independence movement resistance to load into their giant magipunk mecha to fight the feds with and free their city from the tyrannical rule of the Empire. They're also both the pilots."

"I made a new friend."
"Real, or some commie on the internet?"
"Some commie on the internet."

(Visual from Donnie Darko)

Good. It might turn out to make a difference. Whether it's encouragement for the next battle or support for this one, which may not be as finalized as publication might suggest.

If you can't read someone else's words about systemic oppression and inequality without feeling like they're a personal insult to you, here's some advice – Close your mouth. Stop typing. Do not reply. Do not make sub-toots or start angry discourse. Instead, think long and hard about why exactly you feel so personally affronted by a generalised observation about modern society.

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