@Bones_and_Feathers I think about that, until I read a story of a hungry python biting into someone's hand one night in Australia then I change my mind.

Yeah. It's a short life. But so it is also with poverty. Probably not as short, but more hassled 😄

@Bones_and_Feathers on the upside: Living in the woods the only cares you have are serious ones.

And if you can manage, you won't be stressed out by things like mortgage and stuff. But if you get sick, you're screwed.

@Bones_and_Feathers This is totally possible if you ignore all 3 of the above right. I know people who do it and have done it for years. Pro tip: learn how to trim weed.

Oh yeah? They still need hands out there? How seasonal is it?

@Bones_and_Feathers retoot just to raise awareness that this template exists

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