Another genderless insult you can use in traffic 

Sober me at me : ok but why did you water down the kombucha so much ??

I could study some actual revolutionary history. Or I could just read the Carthian sourcebook.

I remember when you're entire life was irl. Like, every moment.
Except maybe books and tv? But even more if that medium, it's texture and format, was irl.

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Current status: Laughing more than I expected to while reading Das Capital

Another genderless insult you can use in your day-to-day life 


reference to self extinguishment, pithy 

So I've been writing all morning and just recently realized that my browser's spell check only half works.

This is kinda bad, since my neurotype doesn't mesh well with the memorization required to be good at spelling.

Ha ha. Oh well.
Fortunately no one gives a hoot what I think anyway. What relief.

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Hot take, creators being crappy people, solution oriented 

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