I saw this several years ago and honestly it makes more sense than most mainstream economics

@gzt If you never get married then it’s not premarital sex!

I want socialism and a really good new Daggerfall game. Like really rich. I want something made by the right people. I want to immerse myself in that world and watch the discussions it creates.

School taught me that there are exclusively four Romance languages. There's actually 23-35 or so, depending on how you count.

School taught me there's exclusively five senses, but Wikipedia lists 13 or so.

Why should I be surprised when "there are exclusively two genders" turns out to be false as well?

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I honestly have some reservations about having a whole additional personally running around the house.
Should I let it sleep on the bed?
Maybe as long as it's on the short hair side (i think he is) the shedding won't be too bad.
I like using really expensive flushable litter, though.
Am I ready for another major life changing?

It's not even and I'm really psyched for . I love the Hanukkah programs on NPR so much, for what reason I can't quite name.

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Every night, woken by half-remembered dreams of cracked bones and dripping saliva, she saw the eyes. Two burning pinpricks within a boiling shadow, dark against the darkness.

Every night, she would close her eyes, and when she woke both eyes and shadow were gone, leaving only a lingering unease.

Tonight, she kept her eyes open. Her head tilted left, then right; the eyes followed her.


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Capitalism fucks over workers regardless of age using any excuse it can. And getting younger workers and older workers to distrust and fight one another just lets them keep doing it.

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