it's just amazing how many problems are caused in my life by people who don't give a fuck in part because they are unable to climb out of the Western mindset that giving a fuck is an expenditure of a resource which must be hoarded in a zero-sum game

(I mean, I already know he's completely aware of the strangulation murders of profit motive. He bristles over indigenous abuse and gender violence, and I'm pretty sure he wouldn't bat an eye if a plague took humanity and left the flora and fauna to it's pleasure, but it makes me heart flutter to hear evidence of class consciousness on his handsome lips all the same)

My generally monosyllabic nesting partner who's political noises few and mild enough that he has a spread of left and libertarian friends just asked if I wanted to go garage sailing in the second most privileged neighborhood in the city by referring to it as boughie.

i want



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🐺❤️🐺 rts appreciated 🐺❤️🐺


"Every time we are confronted with a new revolution we take to the opium pipes of our own propaganda."

I.F. Stone - I.F. Stone's Weekly (1963-01-21)

[ I'm looking at you fellow ]


Reminder: Caring about efficiency is not a property soley of profit driven business
(And often not at all if one has the daring to count executive salaries over 75,000- 250,000 wasteful...)

"Excess is excrement. Extremely retained in the body is a poison." Odo from The Dispossessed, by Ursula Le Guin

(Ah, all things in moderation including moderation... Festivals?)

trans people always have way more proof that they are their gender, where these so called "cisgender" "people" just have this years old document that's backed up by only the word of one (1) doctor

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