#racism, #white hot take. For sooth I don't even want to touch it. I would rather be sleeping. 

Band: Wulkuraka, Queensland
Album Title: Something different and take chances

Sometimes the pencil notes in used books are interesting, but if it has highlighter or something... ! It would bother me a little.
I mean, for a 5" thic tome that starts around $75 and would be central to my reference library...

Ok... Do I get the "good" used copy of Magick in Theory and Practice, or pay an extra $20 for new...
I mean, I have some money
But also I'm not used to having money, and shit is crazy and fortunes turn in a minute.
What if like... I need $20?

My Cat: *jumps on my bed at 5am and makes a small airhorn noise because one of his 3 things is missing and someone left the door cracked*

Me: "O, Pathos!" *Grumbles and roles over*

Cishet boys on the internet like "I wanna talk to a female"

Ok. A female what? A female goat? A female asparagus plant? A female USB connector?

Incidentally if you want to move away from Google here's how to start:

Type www.goog into your URL bar.

Now stop and think.

Now type the backspace button 4 times.

Now type duckduckgo.com and hit the Enter key.

Congratulations your muscle memory is being rewired!

The gender of the day is a phalanx of hidden vipers.

#sexuality #occult #hermetic #thesearethejokes #queer #trans 

a polycule and its only two bodies but they're both plural so that's like seven people

Common meter is a rhythmic structure used for poetry written in English. It consists of 4 lines with alternating iambic tetrameter and iambic trimeter (with syllables alternating 8-6-8-6).

It's been historically used in poems by numerous writers including William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, and Oscar Wilde, as well as in several well known songs like Amazing Grace and House of the Rising Sun.

Anything written in common meter can be sung to the same melody as the Pokemon theme song. :psyduck:

just the facts, macrosystems,#sociology 

Mumbling morning over my coffee bc I just need a little more juice in my day.

It's been a while since I performed liber resh vel helios on the regular, but sometimes I remember I have all this poetry memorized and that it's got some c l o u t.
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Band: Khari Kill
Album Title: Aptitude for it or not

I'm going to ruminate for a while and then decide how to mourn. We might use the outdoor alter tomorrow night.

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