So far as I know, Le Guin went her whole life post-Dispossessed saying she wasn't an anarchist but thought someone needed to write anarchism into SF. But there's that brilliant moment where Shevek *absolutely flames* state socialism to a socialist's face, and I know in my bones that Le Guin meant every word of it. What a badass.

i've trapped jeff bezos under a large tupperware bowl in my kitchen. i didn't really plan beyond this point and welcome any suggestions as to my next move here

Earlier this year one of the leaders of my local Pride committee offhandedly used the words "Rainbow Community" to refer to the lgbtetc. alphabet soup as a whole and I kind of like that. I feel it works better than LGBT+ because that's a list and not a unifying quality, as well as Queer because, well, that's a slur and makes a lot of people within our community really uncomfortable when used as a catchall. Wondering what other people think.

I guess I caught on to that rather late, but...

I just realised "He-Man" is basically a magical girl?!

sometimes when u have dreams u gotta go for them. and then sometimes katamari still won't work on your computer so you do your second dream of making bead lizards

The ability to acquire a near-full college education for almost free on the internet is now a reality. Most of the MOOCs (massively online open course) allow for access for zero cash to hundreds of hours of video classes and other materials. Computing is very well covered. Just search for the word MOOC in your favourite search engine. Access to tutors, lecturers and a certificate/diploma does, however usually cost money.

#MOOC #education #knowledge #college #diploma #study #learn

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