Deadname is a useful term and all, but you could all be calling it your necronym.

"Then one day you're over 30 and almost everyone under that marker is 'little comrade'."

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@shade 🔗
✨ IDK WHAT TO MAKE will be a free pdf zine, and i am looking for submissions! ✨

i am imagining this zine as a survival guide for anyone who wants to make something but can’t figure out what. it will be divided into sections and i would love to fill it with as much inspiration as possible!

please send submissions to with the subject “IDK ZINE SUBMISSION” by june 30th. be sure to include how you want to be credited.

see this thread for more info, and please boost! 🖤

Which of these do you think is best, and why?

Masto is delightful, but had never really filled the same function of tumblr....
But I might legit move to... Blogger...
And actually create some real content again??

Band: Spheroidal weathering
Album Title: Dreams; who looks inside, awakes

Band: Hansard Global
Album Title: Sleepy to worry at night

economics joke, left 

need to learn a thing or two about #mastodon 

Me negotiating with a Tankie friend:
"Fine! You can send any capitalist to Gulag, but Gulag must be not only humane, but somewhat pleasant!"
*Has lapsed into Russian accent by the end if the sentence for no reason*
(Anyway, it makes it easier for the guards to work there.)

Fuck I'm realizing I don't really have a platform besides this and a lefty tumblr work almost no followers...

Band: Ghost lawyer
Album Title: One fails forward toward success

Which one should I write?
An intoductry guide for people new to being broke (how to navigate utility collections, find help, etc)
Why/how we should get rid of high stakes commodity gambling/wallstreet
or both?

hey who wants to get divorced over the internet

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