Saw someone run a red earlier. The left turn light came on and the cat next to me, not in the turn lane, took off and nearly plowed into the guy across the way who was turning left. Lady behind the wayward driver was so in shock she rolled her window down in the pouring rain so we should share a moment of bafflement

I've been looking for like a week and a half for my sunglass, I have a prescription pair, and I finally found the old case they were in, but no glasses. reluctantly came to the conclusion that I had missed them when cleaning out my poor, lost pickup. bummer, right? I found them in my car today. in the little bin underneath my radio, where it makes sense for them to be, so I can wear them when I drive during the day. *sigh* I'm a goof

I told my friend about being skunked last night and his response was that "that stinks"😡

long skunk rambling 

long skunk rambling 

I think I just got sprayed by a skunk while driving rip my nose

Really pleased with my new tarot deck, my favorite old one was missing cards sigh

Bethany channeled

what level of fanfic is it when you write lore for a non-canonical show on a non-canonical channel owned by your version of a canonical character

Bethany channeled

woke up and could not remember what day of the week it was. as a bonus, when I did remember, I was heartily disappointed. I was hoping it was tomorrow, and I'd already worked my 12 hour shift.

just braggin on my dogs being good and they STOLE a spool of thread!!!!

oh I went viral on the blue hellsite for some reason with my prompt fiction. no, wait, seanan mcguire was the reason. also my grandma died. IT'S BEEN A WEIRD YEAR. anyway, I don't know how many of my followers are still active or who's rattling around witches but hi!

also I got into a car accident in february and flipped my goddamn truck. nobody was hurt (well I was pretty sore for most of a week, but I also had the BABY puppy and my roommate's kid and they were fine and I recovered so whatever, I'll take it) but I lost my fucking truck and i'm still mad, it's the only actual car accident I got into and it's because it suddenly iced in the middle of the day for some reason. global warming ugh

I have been really busy lately, been doing a lot of fanfic writing, microfiction on prompts, even got my patreon going.

I forgot I hadn't told y'all about my new dog. The little one is a shared household dog, but he's my very good boy, big dog is Jack and little is Donut

I'm so proud of my dogs, I got home and I could tell they'd been trying SO HARD to be good puppies. My roommate's out of town so they're spending more time alone this weekend than usual, and they're being very good boys

part of this has been my shitty rural internet, tbh. I can't always get this to load.

anyway, hi. i'm working on, among other things, a book on magic. what's everyone up to, these days?

Okay, I finally think I have the energy for multiple social medias again.

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