Rainy Autumnal Day in a Conservatory Ambience 🍂 and Music. Feels vaguely hans zimmer. youtube.com/watch?v=W4BqvpsyC3

@cchowds Things is really nice if you’re on iOS (and are ok to get 3 apps). I love how it integrates with Apple mail. And it’s very GTD friendly.

@eys Another to-doist fan!

I mostly use notion for storing all the bits of info and linking together various tools in one place. Otherwise, I find myself tweaking it too much.

@mariusz it is my go-to for all-over-life stuff!

But sometimes I use Trello when i need project-specific labels.

Are you enjoying the beta calendar view in Todoist? 😍

I'm curious..what tools do you use to manage personal projects? I hardly hear anyone mention trello these days (I have it synced to todoist for the best of both)

WIP: children’s book illustration

Little toady 1 My mother used to read me an illustrated book of the rhyme “over in the meadow”, but I couldn’t find any editions with captivating imagery for my extremely short -of-patience daughter. It’s taken us until summer this year (her third year of life) for us be able to read entire stories to her as it is - the art style is very important in whether or not she is engaged.


Waterford Whispers has been demonetized by Facebook, for satirical articles about what's happening in Gaza such as this one: waterfordwhispersnews.com/2023

If you're a fan, and you'd like them to keep going, they have a Patreon here: patreon.com/WhispersNews and you can throw them a few quid.

@justice4leif TIL that the Hebrew letters in parenthesis stand for "The Land of Israel". Which apparently not only infuriated Arabs, but also orthodox Jews who felt only the messiah could name the land that.
The more you know 🤷‍♀️

This coin was made in 1927; in only 3 years it will be 100 years old. We do not have to imagine a multicultural Palestine where Jews, Muslims, and Christians all coexist - this was once reality, and the evidence is right before our eyes.


Further shocking revelations

"No 10 wanted the science altered."

Patrick Vallance diaries reveal

This is VERY BAD

The way lush karma (fragrance) is not only instantly recognisable, but also makes me feel like the wearer could be my friend. Fragrance is sometimes like asocial club, when it’s Indy or niche.

"I have cochlear implants and I can only buy parts to fix them or upgrade then from 1 #corporation bc of tech exclusivity. upgrades to get new processors for both ears cost $23k & insurance only covers 90% (and it’s “good” insurance)"

#Cyberpunk #dystopia is already here for the disabled.


#classwar #eattherich #ausgov #auspol #tasgov #taspol #politas

Wild: Google confirms it *is* throttling YouTube load times for some viewers. Firefox users reported the issue today. Google says, instead, it’s supposed to tackle ad-blockers regardless of the browser used 404media.co/youtube-says-new-5

An old doodle

Somewhere between the hours spent feeding her and putting her down (she took so long to get to sleep when younger! Hours, sometimes) I learned to draw. First, just as bare-bones doodles, then slowly seeking out tutorials on youtube and skillshare. I'm still no great shakes as an illustrator- and it's ok and valid to have a hobby that's for…


I have tried Monday at various points to see if they improved. They haven't. The worst is that although they literally design planing software, they boast about how their work culture is "high-pressure and always on the go". I.e Exploitive and understaffed. No thanks 🗑️

Dear Google, what do I need to do to NEVER see an ad for Monday again when I type in literally ANY other planning service?

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