I see twitter has decided to outsource fact checking to their users.
In the example below an article by glaad has been flagged as potentially untrue, citing the “lack of clinical consensus and high quality evidence” around puberty blockers and hormone treatments has been added as the note.

While evidence is pretty overwhelmingly clear on this, I’m looking at the . And how it contributes to trust vs

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Checking out penpot.app today I’m pleasantly surprised. it’s got a way to go before it can replace Figma, but that’s a given - it’s not out of beta yet.

The main things:
- you can export from figma into it.

- You can download your files locally as either penpot files or svg&Json. No worries about maxing out your (future) workspace allowance.

- You can even self host the tool if you want and never worry about workspace or future price plans.


I’ve been trialing this for and executive dysfunction.

I think has some nice solutions, but slightly creeped out at how impersonal the company is. No “I’m the ceo and I built this to manage my autistic overwhelm”. Even the blog writers aren’t using terms that make it clear if they are autistic or not. One Instagram post calls the autistic community “you”, rather than “we”.

It shouldn’t bug me this much but it feels creepy.

Really excited about this Madrid based, open source, SVG alternative to Figma for
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