Floki enjoying some porridge (it’s sweetened with maple syrup and dairy free!)

So we’re straight up back to bombing the Middle East into “peace and freedom” now.

People need to understand that when the US withdrew all personnel from Afghanistan as it fell to the Taliban, it sent a huge signal: persistence works.

You’re going to see ripple effects everywhere because if the US couldn’t “finish the job” in Afganistan” why would it be able to anywhere else?

Mother bee with beelings 5 is done as a first draft. “Over in the meadow” was a favourite rhyme my mom read to me at my daughter’s age, but I can’t find books with illustrations that grab her.

“To explore the connection between people’s life stories and the hero’s journey, we first had to simplify the storytelling arc from Campbell’s original formulation, which featured 17 steps. “

I was looking for WIP from a past project for my portfolio and al are gone. Buy found this cute pic taken with my beloved and long escaped bird pal, McLovin’


cw: politics- laws regarding freedom of speech and expression 

Again and again, I will repeat that people are not their governments and do not judge any company based on their head office location. But Jesus effing c, Monday.

Monday frames this as it’s purely Israel vs Hamas, no civilians are to be worried about expect theirs.

It reminds me of 2008-2010 tumblr in terms of having a grungy vibe.

I also discovered this cute app called landing.space. It seems to be filling the hole that polyvore left in digital scrapbooking, but for a generation that are way too young to remember that.

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